Fountain of Magical Brethren

This fountain features five golden statues representing a wizard, witch, Goblin, Centaur, and House-Elf. Located in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic, it depicts the bond between all magical beings and beasts.

Registry information

Fountain of Magical Brethren in Wizards Unite Registry
Rarity Emergency out of 16
XP 0
Registry Page Ministry Atrium II
Registry Family Ministry of Magic
Return To British Ministry of Magic Atrium

Shards to prestige

Standard 15
Bronze 14
Silver 21
Gold 25

Rewards for Prestiging

15 Fragments 1 Stickers
14 Fragments 1 Stickers
21 Fragments 1 Stickers
25 Fragments 1 Stickers


Fountain of Magical Brethren is a Emergency threat level Foundable in Wizards Unite. It can be found on the Ministry of Magic Registry page, inside the Ministry Atrium II section.

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