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List of Foundables Available Exclusively in Fortress Challenges

The following Foundables can be found only by completing Fortress Challenges with an appropriate Runestone. Runestone type determines the type of reward you can...

Guide to Fortress Enemies

A comprehensive guide to enemies that appear Wizards Unite Fortress, including a complete list of all enemies with stats, affixes and affinities. There are...

Wizards Unite Experience Chart and Guide

XP Chart for Wizards Unite character progression. Level up experience requirements, rewards and unlocks. This page lists the XP required to reach every level,...

Prestige a Registry Page

In Wizards Unite, you can Prestige a Registry Page, returning the count of all foundables to that page to zero. Once you Prestige, the...

Brilliant Events

Brilliant Events are limited-time events in Wizards Unite that feature a unique Registry Page, Brilliant Foundables, and Special Assignments. Your objective is to complete...

Spell Energy

Spell Energy is a key resource in Wizards Unite, arguably the most important resource in game, as you need Spell Energy to complete Traces,...


Wizards Unite Greenhouses are special Map locations where you can grow and collect Ingredients for Potion brewing. Greenhouses look like blue glass houses and...

A guide to Master Notes in Wizards Unite

Master Notes are a secret combination of spell glyphs that reduces Potion brewing time in Wizards Unite. When you start brewing a potion, the...

Wizards Unite Beginners Guide

Are you looking for a beginner's guide to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? You've come to the right place.The Wizarding World is at risk of...

Gaining Experience in Wizards Unite

Leveling up can be a daunting task, but do not fret as this Wizards Unite guide lists all the possible ways to earn experience...



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