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Spell Energy Wizards Unite

Temporary Changes in Wizards Unite

Hello witches and wizards! At this point, you've probably already seen the Spell Energy on the Map or the official announcement from Harry Potter:...

Breaking! Wizards Unite March Community Day Postponed

In light of concerns for players' safety and health, the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team has decided to postpone March Community Day. This is...
Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Harry Potter in the News // March 1-7, 2020

Hello, witches and wizards! This is a new series we're trying out here at Wizards Unite Hub. Every so often, we will put together...

Zynga Announces Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, A Magical Match-3 Mobile Game

Greetings fellow witches and wizards! I'm excited to bring you news about an upcoming mobile game that has been officially licensed from Warner Bros...
March 2020 Wizards Unite Events Infographic by Orange Wizard. All text from this image is also in the article.

Class Clowns, the Circus, and More: March Events in Wizards Unite

February felt like a million years long with SIX events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Not that I'm complaining about dragons and Fluffy, but...

Wizards Unite Portkey Rewards Updated

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite development team took an important step forward by adding some fairly rare Foundables to Portkeys, making them very worth...
Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Update 2.10.0: The Button is Back!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is releasing a new game update, 2.10.0! Keep in mind that there are usually bugs that can impact the game's...

Crazy In Love Special Event Details!

Are you ready for the briefest update for an event in the history of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?! Well look no further, because I...

Love Is In the Air: February Events in Wizards Unite!

February in Wizards Unite is going to be MASSIVE. There are more events and special spawns happening throughout the majority of the month! This...
Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Update 2.9.0: Adventure Sync and More!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has just released a new update, Version 2.9.0. As with any new update, it should be noted that there are...



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