Spell Energy

Spell Energy Wizards Unite
Spell Energy Wizards Unite

Spell Energy is a key resource in Wizards Unite, arguably the most important resource in game, as you need Spell Energy to complete Traces, participate in Fortresses and contribute to plants growing in a Greenhouse. New players start with 75 Spell Energy Capacity and 50 Spell Energy to start with. Spell Energy Capacity can be increased through in-game purchases in The Diagon Alley.

Spell Energy can be gained from Inns (guaranteed) and Greenhouses (sometimes), but also from Daily Assignments (“Pick Up 1 Ingredient or Portmanteu on The Map” gives out 10 Spell Energy). Inns give out Spell Energy through various food drops:

Food Energy
Tomato Soup 1
Afternoon Tea 2
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans 2
Pumpkin Juice 2
Violet Pudding 3
Bangers and Mash 5
Fish and Chips 6
Honeyduke’s Chocolate Bar 6
Butterbeer 7
Turkey Dinner
(Chicken Dinner in some regions)

For all intents and purposes, Spell Energy is the equivalent of Pokéballs in Pokémon GO and XM in Ingress Prime. It’s a disposable resource that you’re expected to actively manage and work around it.

Spell Energy has a direct effect on all aspects of the game, from damage output and character progression to the opportunity to participate in different aspects of the game. Our Guide to Managing Spell Energy in Wizards Unite is a recommended read for everyone who’s just starting out with Wizards Unite.

Tips and Tricks for using Spell Energy

  • Always keep at least 8 – 10 Spell Energy for Severe and Emergency Traces. These traces will spend a lot of Energy, but are incredibly rare and shouldn’t be avoided
  • Upgrade your Spell Energy Capacity early. You can upgrade every 15 days from the daily assignments alone
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