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Prestige a Registry Page

In Wizards Unite, you can Prestige a Registry Page, returning the count of all foundables to that page to zero. Once you Prestige, the border frame of the Registry Page will upgrade and you will able to collect stickers once again, getting XP and Profession items in the progress.

Once all Foundable fragments have been returned to a Registry page and all of the Stickers appear in full-color, you will receive Family XP for your efforts and the option to Prestige becomes available. When you Prestige a page, you will upgrade the page frame and reset all the Fragments so you can complete the page again. As a result, the number of Fragments needed to fully return a Foundable on pages you Prestige will increase. You do not have the option to Prestige pages in the Mysteries section.

What is Registry Prestige?

Prestiging simply means starting fresh at a higher rank. This will impact your registry in a huge way! Once you place all the stickers on one or more of the pages in your registry, you will then be able to prestige them. What exactly does this mean? Does it just mean bragging rights? Is it for aesthetics? Well, yes and no.

Prestiging will play a long term role in EXP grinding for the long term run. That said, it is not a requirement to prestige, and you certainly don’t have to do it, but you will eventually do it anyway.

What happens when I Prestige?

After placing all the stickers for a page in your registry, you’ll receive a prompt to prestige that page. After prestiging, you’ll notice that all of your progress is gone, but you’ll have a bronze page frame. This is the aesthetic portion of prestiging. Here’s the cool part. You’ll receive additional EXP for finding those same fragments and placing stickers for that page of your registry.

You can prestige up to 3 times, with each prestige level increasing the fragment requirement for each sticker placement. The additional EXP will raise higher and higher with each additional prestige level. This means that each Foundable you successfully return, you’ll earn more EXP than you did with the previous prestige level. There are 60 Levels in the game, and that’s a lot of EXP grinding, so if you want to make the process more beneficial, you’ll want to rank up your registry prestige.

There are four levels of Prestige:

  • Basic
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
Registry Prestige Frame Basic
Bronze Registry Prestige Frame
Silver Registry Prestige Frame
Gold Registry Prestige Frame

Prestiging and XP grinding

As of writing this article, the Level Up Requirements show that you need a grand total of 17,608,500 million EXP to reach level 60. Ranking up your registry prestige is meant for the long term EXP gains. While you can certainly level up fast in the beginning by opening Portkey Portmanteaus as well as Fortress Grinding with Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, eventually this will slow down.

You may find yourself not finding enough ingredients to keep brewing Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, running out of Runestones, or just simply growing bored of trying to power level all the way until Level 60. Ranking up your Registry prestige is a more passive (but effective) way of gaining more EXP for just simply returning Foundables.

What to take away from all this?

You don’t want to burn yourself out on Wizards Unite. We don’t want to see you all burned out either. Grinding EXP can be a very tedious task and grow old very quickly. Focus on the long term EXP gaining, and you’ll find yourself getting more EXP over time than you were before, thanks to registry prestige. As previously noted before, prestiging is an option that you do not have to do if you do not wish to.

If you choose to do so, you’ll passively be gaining more EXP over time just by simply playing the game and returning Foundables. The only grinding you’ll really have to do is fill up your registry pages 4 times total to maximize your EXP results.

Remember that each prestige level you unlock, you’ll gain even more EXP for that page, than you previously were before.

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