Portmanteaus and Portkeys

Wizards Unite Portkeys

A Portmanteau in Wizards Unite is a special item that needs to be «walked» in order to unlock – very similar to Pokémon GO eggs. Portmanteaus come in three flavors, depending on the distance required to unlock – 2 KM, 5 KM and 10 KM. Opening Portmanteaus rewards an AR encounter via a Portkey.



Overview of Portmanteaus in Wizards Unite
Prized Portkey Portmanteau Prized Portkey Portmanteau 2 KM
Precious Portkey Portmanteau Precious Portkey Portmanteau 5 KM
Paramount Portkey Portmanteau Paramount Portkey Portmanteau 10 KM

In order to unlock a Portmanteau you need a key. There are two types of Keys in Wizards Unite:

  • Golden Key – can be used infinitely, doesn’t break after use, similar to unlimited Incubator in Pokemon GO. The Golden Key opens locked Portkey Portmanteaus and it can be used repeatedly.
  • Silver Key – purchasable store item, can not be used repeatedly but allows players to unlock multiple Portmanteaus at the same time. You can get Silver Keys as Level Up rewards, by returning Foundables, or by purchasing them in Diagon Alley.

Players can have 8 Portmanteaus at one time. You can’t tell what type of Portmanteau you’re looting form the overworld map – they all look the same, so the only way to figure out what it is is to loot it (1). Unlocking a Portmanteau will give you a Portkey that can be used to start an AR encounter.

Portmanteau on the Wizards Unite overworld map
Portmanteau as visible on the overworld map. Screenshot by Half_Blood_Princess.

Note: The game must be open for the distance traveled to apply towards unlocking a Portkey Portmanteau.


Wizards Unite Portkeys

Once you unlock a Portmanteau, the game will reward you with a Portkey. Using the Portkey will transfer you to an AR encounter where you are required to find 5 Wrackspurts. Tapping on a Wrackspurt will give you Ministry rewards, such as Wizarding XP, Registry family XP, or potion ingredients. In addition, you also get Fragments of Foundables to complete your Registry.

Finding the same Wrackspurt more than once activates a bonus. Once you find all the Wrackspurts, you’ll return back to your original location on the Map. Activated Portkeys can be accessed once.

You are unable to return to the Portkey area if you leave before finding 5 Wrackspurts.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you get a 5 KM or 10 KM Portmanteau, use a Silver Key on it. Saving the Gold Key for the 2 KM ones will get the most value from it.
  • You can not delete Portmanteaus, so cycling through 2 KM ones is very important. If you don’t cycle through 2 KM Portmanteaus, your slots will eventually get filled with them and you will miss out on rare Portmanteaus.
  • You can’t pick up more while your Portmanteaus slots are full.
  • In order to maximize the Experience gained from Portmanteaus is to wait to have 5 completed Portmanteaus, use a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir and open them all. Portkeys with double XP buff provide a large amount of XP.

(1) When the game originally launched as a Beta in New Zealand, different Portmanteaus appeared as different sprites on the map. Around April 23rd 2019 players have reported that all Portmanteaus look the same on the overworld map.

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