Magicum Vitae in Wizards Unite


What is the new Magicum Vitae in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

When you visit your Suitcase, you will notice a new visual change. Instead of the Professions button, there is a new Training button. This is where you can view everything related to both SOS Training as well as your selected Profession. While the default view displays your SOS Training lessons in a skill tree format, this article is about your Magicum Vitae.


Screenshot of Magicum Vitae in Wizards Unite

Press the Toggle button to switch between viewing your lessons and viewing your Magicum Vitae.

Your Magicum Vitae is a useful summary of your overall SOS Training stats and unlocked bonuses. This summary only refers to your SOS Training, not any skills specific to your Profession.

SOS Task Force Appraisal is an aggregated training score based on the lessons you’ve completed. Your appraisal will increase as you advance in your SOS Training. Your Profession Grade also affects your appraisal.

Field Charms is a summary of any Field Charms you’ve unlocked, including the number of charges you have for each Charm. There are 3 different Field Charms available to unlock:

  • Trace Charm (Pario Vestigius)
  • Inn Charm (Tribuomnus)
  • Greenhouse Charm (Celescere)

Field Charm Charges are spell resources needed to cast a Field Charm–similar to Focus in Wizarding Challenges. You can earn more charges by completing daily tasks. You can also invest in other SOS Training Lessons to expand the number of charges you can hold at any given time.

Primary Skillset Appraisal is an overall assessment of your spellcasting abilities against Traces in the following categories: General Spell Mastery and Departure Denial. (These are lessons you unlock and level up).

  • General Spell Mastery refers to how powerful you are in your ability to return Foundables. Think of it like a permanent Exstimulo Potion.
  • Departure Denial helps decrease the chances that a Confoundable departs after each cast. Think of it like a permanent Dawdle Draught that only works sometimes.

Categorised Spell Mastery is an assessment of your spellcasting abilities by Foundable Family. These values refer to how powerful your spells are against a particular Foundable Family.

Note: Categorised Spell Mastery values are additive to General Spell Mastery bonuses.

Categorised Departure Denial is an assessment of your spellcasting abilities by Foundable Family. These values impact the likelihood that the Confoundables of a particular Foundable Family depart after each cast.

Note: Categorised Departure Denial values are additive to Departure Denial bonuses.

Reward Upgrades is a listing of upgrades to Foods from Inns, Treasure Trunks, and Gifts. There are 3 types of Reward Upgrade skills:

  • increase your chances at receiving hearty high-Spell Energy foods when dining at Inns
  • add the chance at receiving additional rewards when earning a Treasure Trunk by leveling up a Registry page
  • increase your chances of earning good Gifts from Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses

Potion Brewing Efficacy summarizes the quality and potency of your Potions. This comes from investing in the Potions Effect skill.

Potion Brewing Mastery is a record of your reductions to brew times before any additional brewing bonuses such as Master Notes. This comes from investing in the Brew Time Reduction skill.

This is just the first of many guides related to the new SOS Training in Wizards Unite! We have a lot of information to cover, but there’s only so much our ragtag team of volunteers can manage all at once. To be the first to hear about our next Wizards Unite guide, connect with the WizHub team on social media.

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Jenn Cannon
Jenn Cannon(@jenncannon)
1 year ago

As I toggle between SOS Training and the Profession/Combat Training, I noticed that my Professorial Appraisal ranking number was higher yesterday than today. Have you noticed that scores are much lower? Mine went from a rather high level (I’ve completed my professor lessons a long time ago) to a very small ranking. Any insight appreciated. I’ve had many problems with all the recent bugs attached to the upgrades and I am wondering if this is one. Thanks!