Wizards Unite Greenhouse
Wizards Unite Greenhouse

Wizards Unite Greenhouses are special Map locations where you can grow and collect Ingredients for Potion brewing. Greenhouses look like blue glass houses and they are quite distinct from Inns and Fortresses. Greenhouses have a 5 minute cooldown for collecting Ingredients. Greenhouses that are under cooldown have a red flag (ūüö©) on top of them.

When entering a Greenhouse you will see three pots are presented in front of you, but you can select only one. Swiping up on a pot will select it and reveal the Ingredients you obtained. Greenhouses can also give a small amount of Spell Energy (4).


Images taken from Wizards News Youtube video about Greenhouses.

Growing plants in a Greenhouse

In addition to collecting Ingredients, you can also grow plants at a Greenhouse. In order to grow plants you need to have the appropriate Seeds and Water. Each Ingredient has a different time it needs to grow, ranging from one hour (Snowdrop) to 24 hours (Leaping Toadstool). Be careful when growing Ingredients, as you only have 30 minutes to reap them after they finish growing.

You can also Contribute to plants that are growing at a Greenhouse by casting a Herbivicus spell. Casting Herbivicus will increase Ingredient yield, but it requires you to spend Spell Energy to cast it. Herbivicus symbol is a looks like a lowercase ¬ęh¬Ľ and is easily drawn. Do note that your growing time will not reduce by casting Herbivicus.

Everyone who contributes to growing will receive the full amount of the ingredients yielded. Once the Ingredient has finished growing, it will appear on the ground next to the Greenhouse.

Greenhouse growing chart
Name Time (h) Ingredients
Bitter Root 07:00:00
  • Bitterroot Seed x1
  • Water x15
Ginger Root 07:00:00
  • Ginger Seed x1
  • Water x12
Leaping Toadstool 24:00:00
  • Leaping Toadstool Spore x1
  • Water x12
Lovage 07:00:00
  • Lovage Seed x1
  • Water x9
Scurvygrass 07:00:00
  • Scurvygrass Seed x1
  • Water x7
Sneezewort 07:00:00
  • Sneezewort Seed x1
  • Water x1
Snowdrop 01:00:00
  • Snowdrop Seed x1
  • Water x15
Sopophorous Bean 07:00:00
  • Sopophorous Bean Seed x1
  • Water x1
Valerian Root 07:00:00
  • Valerian Seed x1
  • Water x7
Wormwood 01:00:00
  • Wormwood Seed x1
  • Water x7

Pots and Rental Pots

You can plant something only if the Greenhouse has an empty pot. If you want to plant something, but the Greenhouse is occupied, you have the option to buy a Rental Pot which comes with all required Ingredients and reduced time to grow.

  • 1st Rental Pot
    • 180 minutes (3 hours)
    • 35 coins
  • 2nd Rental Pot
    • 480 minutes (8 hours)
    • 70 coins
  • 3rd Rental Pot
    • 1440 minutes (24 hours)
    • 140 coins
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