Gaining Experience in Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Daily Rewards

Leveling up can be a daunting task, but do not fret as this Wizards Unite guide lists all the possible ways to earn experience (XP) in your day to day game play. The guide was researched and assembled by /u/valkiconstant and published on the Hub with his permission. We added some formatting for good measure. Do note that while XP values can be increased with Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, daily rewards and monthly rewards are not affected by it.


You will probably be interested in our related guide about Level Up XP, Requirements, Rewards and Unlocks, which has the full chart of XP per level in WU.

Experience from Traces

Experience gained from Trace difficulty level – higher difficulty encounters yield more XP when completed. In the formula below, we’re calling this value difficultyXP:

XP per Trace encounter difficulty
Emergency 500
Severe 250
High 150
Medium 75
Low 50

Experience gain from casting bonuses, aka how well you draw the spell glyph on your screen. In the formula below, we’re calling this value castSkillXP:

XP per spell cast accuracy / speed
Masterful 100
Great 50
Good 20
Fair 0

Bonus XP you get from completing a Trace under special circumstances. In the formula below, we’re calling this value spcBonusXP:

XP from special bonuses
New spell used 200
1st time collected 250
1st cast bonus 10

These bonuses are additive, which means that the total XP is calculated as follows:

totalXP = difficultyXP + castSkillXP + spcBonusXP

Example: a successful masterful first cast on a low level trace will reward 160 base XP. If that’s your first time collecting it, you will get additional 250 XP.

Traces in the Oddity category behave slightly different and they give out a different amount of XP:

Special XP per Oddity encounter
Pixie 50
Brown Centaur 100
Vampire 150
Werewolf 150
Centaur Bow ???

Experience from Fortresses

More information on Fortresses: Fortress

Completing Fortress floors rewards constant base experience, regardless of the number of players and runestones used. Each floor rewards just 10 XP more than the floor before it, making Fortresses a relatively inefficient way to level up. You get 50 XP for loosing a Fortress battle.

Fortress floor experience chart
Floor EXP
1 250
2 260
3 270
4 280
5 290
6 300
7 310
8 320
9 330
10 350
11 360
12 370
13 380
14 390
15 400
16 410
17 420
18 430
19 440
20 450

Experience from Daily and Monthly rewards

You get 250 XP every day after spinning two Inns and you get XP bonuses from daily login reward. These amounts are not affected by Baruffio’s Brain Elixir.

Example for a month with 30 days (changes every month):

Day XP
2nd 150
5th 200
9th 250
12th 300
16th 350
19th 400
23rd 450
26th 500
30th 150
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