Wizards Unite Auror
Wizards Unite Auror
Harry Potter Wizards Unite
Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The Auror is a combat-oriented class in Wizards Unite, led by Harry Potter and symbolized by two crossed wands. Aurors specialize in dealing damage, casting spells, dealing with Dark Arts, and defeating Dark Wizards. Unlocking skills in the Auror skill tree provides players with passive stat bonuses, new spells and new abilities. Aurors can deal the most damage out of all Wizards Unite Professions, but they can’t heal themselves. Aurors are heavily dependent on Healing Potions. Check out our Which Profession to choose in Wizards Unite for a more in-depth comparison between Auror and other Professions.


Aurors are Proficient vs. Dark Forces (ex. Death Eaters and Werewolves), but Deficient vs. Beasts (ex. Spiders). Stat-wise, Aurors are all about Power and Precision (critical hit rate) – best in all offensive stats and worst in all defensive stats.

  • Best Skills: Power, Precision, Critical Power
  • Worst Skills: Stamina, Protego Power, Defense, Accuracy, Max Focus

Auror Base Stats

Auror Base Stats
Stat Amount
Stamina 296
Power 100
Protego Power 30%
Precision 30%
Critical Power 120%
Proficiency Power 148%
Deficiency Defense 50%
Defense 39%
Defense Breach 32%
Accuracy 15%
Maximum Focus 10
Initial Focus 4

Stat explanations

  • Stamina – increases your health pool
  • Power – increases the amount of damage your spells do
  • Protego Power – increases the amount of damage absorbed by your Protego spell
  • Precision – increases your chance to land a spell
  • Critical Power – increases the damage your critical spell strikes deal
  • Proficiency Power – Power vs. strengths
  • Deficiency Defense – Defense vs. weakness
  • Defense – passive amount of damage reduction

Auror Strategic Spells

The following Strategic spells and their improvements can be unlocked in the Auror skill tree:

Spell Effect
The Weakening Hex Impair a Foe by lowering their Power
Improved Weakness Hex Level 1: -5% Foe Power
Level 2: -5% Foe Power
Weakness Hex Maxima Level 1: -5% Foe Power
Level 2: -5% Foe Power
Level 3: -5% Foe Power
Weakness Hex Mastery Level 1: -10% Foe Defence, Dodge and Defence Breach
Level 2: -10% Foe Defence, Dodge and Counter Jinxes
The Bat-Bogey Hex Reduce a single Foe’s Stamina by a small amount
Ferocious Bat-Bogey Hex Reduce Foe Stamina by -2
The Confusion Hex Impair a Foe that lowers their Defense, Evasiveness, and Counter Jinxes
Confusion Hex Repetitions Level 1: -10% Foe Defence, Dodge, Defence Breach
Level 2: -10% Foe Defence, Dodge, Counter Jinxes
The Focus Charm Transfer Focus from yourself to a Teammate

How to level up an Auror

As an Auror, your best stats are Power, Critical Power and Precision. Power boosts your overall damage output, Critical Power increases your critical strike damage and Precision increases the chance of landing a spell successfully.

Your goal is to progress the Skill Tree as fast as possible to unlock skills that buff your Strategic Spells and benefit your best stats. Avoid nodes that buff up your Protego, Stamina and similar stats. Try to get to «50% Critical Power vs Foe with 100% Stamina» as soon as possible, as it makes you significantly more potent to deal a ton of damage versus full HP foes.

Confusion Hex is seriously powerful, as it reduces all key defensive stats of your opponent.

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