Over the past few days, the Wizards Unite Hub team was busy extracting and figuring out how to convert vector assets from the new official Wizards Unite website into something that is easily and publicly available. Today, we are proud present our official Wizards Unite vector pack, a publicly available collection of all Wizards Unite vector files that were made available to date!

You can download the pack by clicking here or by saving the following SVG:

Wizards Unite Vectors

The pack contains the following files:

  • Wizards Unite vector logo
  • Wizarding World vector logo
  • Statue of Secrecy Task force vector logo
  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite vector Logo
  • Two stylized elements: star and three wands vector
  • Threat clock vector elements:
    • Minute hand vector
    • Hour hand vector
    • Background vector

Niantic is using a new method to export SVGs that makes them invisible to Illustrator (and other vector / raster editing software) if they are imported directly. Luckily, we worked around that by manually editing each SVG file and cleaning up it’s internal markup to convert them into standard compliant SVGs.

Legal disclaimer: all extracted and published vector files are owned by their creator (Niantic Labs, Portkey Games, potentially other legal entities). Wizards Unite Hub does not claim ownership, copyright or any other “legal thing” over these assets. By extension, we are not responsible for how you use them. You are responsible to discuss copyright / ownership with the appropriate legal entity. In other words, don’t make a T-shirt with these icons and claim it’s OK because you found it on the internet.