Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Update: 1.7.1!



It seems that a new update to the game has been released in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Here are the new additions to the game:



Pets have now been added to the game. It seems that a ginger cat, an owl, a rat, and a toad are all available for purchase for prices of 160-320 gems. A summary of the update noted that sleeping pets could provide energy in your dormitory, so these friendly creatures do indeed have a practical use.

However, petting a pet only gives one energy, so it’s up to you to determine if it’s worth it to have this mostly cosmetic upgrade. It takes three or more hours for your pet to fall back asleep, depending on how many gems you’ve spent on your new friend.

You can also roam Hogwarts with a single pet of your choice, another cute cosmetic tidbit!

A side quest of sorts is available to wizards that allows them to visit their dorm room, which shows slots for up to four pets. Definitely complete this quest, as it’s free attribute points and XP.

Clothing and Attribute Points

As of today, all clothing, including pets, have been assigned a value in attribute points. Players who have already purchased articles of clothing have received the appropriate attribute points for their purchases. It also seems that the prices of some articles of clothing may have changed.

These bonuses are not to be ignored, as large amounts of attribute points can be garnered by buying a new shirt or cloak.

Attributes can now be leveled up to level twenty-four, beyond the previous maximum of level twenty-two.

New Chapters and a Revised Side Quest (some spoilers)

It also seems that year four, chapter six has been added to the game, with the quest that originally had Angelica and Nearly Headless Nick reworked to add a new, non-graduated Prefect.


A dueling club has appeared in the far right of the dungeons! A timed challenge there asks you to win two duels for two thousand coins and four for ten gems. Each wizard has been given three tickets. Winning a duel allows you to keep your tickets, but losing a duel forfeits your ticket. Tickets are available for purchase in sets of three for 150 gems. It’s unclear if tickets will be refreshed at some point, but for now, it’s just best to go for the win!

It also seems that all opponents are computer-programmed and make mistakes such as using a healing spell on the first turn, which could give you an advantage later on in the duel.

With such big changes coming to the game, there’s sure to be more to come! Stay posted for more news about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery!

Credit to UnitingWizards for being a huge help with this post!


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