How to Find Werewolves in Wizards Unite


Today’s guest post on werewolves in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite comes from Matt from Animagus. Follow Matt on Twitter, follow him on Instagram, and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Oddities are some of the most interesting encounters when it comes to overcoming Confoundable magic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Whether it be an appearance by a pesky, dodgy Erkling; a chance meeting with the pseudo-mythical Horned Serpent; or a pre-dawn date with a Doxy, Oddities offer a refreshing take on combating the Calamity and keeping the Statue of Secrecy intact.


Duelling and defeating the rarer, more difficult Oddities can be a great way to experience Wizards Unite as it serves as a fun break from the rhythm of tapping on a Trace, tracing the on-screen spell with your finger, and wash-rinse-repeating until the Trace is returned (or is whisked away by magic).

Before Wizards Unite was released, the developers hinted at certain in-game mechanics that would take some time to figure out. Of course, the developers were tight-lipped and secretive about exactly how these unique mechanics would unfold, so Redditors and content creators alike took to figuring out how Oddities spawned in patterns and turned up in Wizards Unite.

After compiling evidence from around the world, some really intriguing results were discovered. It was revealed that different Oddities appeared on the map at different times of day while others only appeared for a short time periodically. It’s certainly apparent that part of having a tiny mystery to solve makes chasing down rare Oddities and placing stickers in your Registry all the more satisfying.

The good news is that the wait is over for the world to experience one of the rarest Oddities starting tonight!

For the first time since the worldwide launch, a new Oddity will be lurking in Wizards Unite.

Werewolves are coming!

To no one’s surprise, it was found in the New Zealand/Australia early release period that Werewolves were not only part of the game, but part of the unique mechanics of timed Oddity spawns. True to lore of the ages, the werewolf will appear around the Full Moon each month to allow witches and wizards a chance at Prestiging their Oddities I registry page.

It was also discovered during the Beta period that Werewolves were encountered in various locations for two days before and after the Full Moon’s arrival. Since this month’s Full Moon arrives on Tuesday, July 16th, we can be sure to see werewolves come into Wizards Unite beginning today (the 14th) after sunset and remaining until Thursday the 18th.

Now that the “when” has been covered, I would like to offer some advice on where you can encounter more Werewolves during Wizards Unite’s first ever Full Moon Event.

In regards to special event spawns, I noticed that Trace Flags (otherwise known as Landmarks) impeded Brilliant Event spawns throughout the duration of the Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event. This potentially may not be an issue that affects Werewolf spawns. However, keep this in mind in case you are in a Landmark area and realize you have not seen any Oddity spawns after a significant amount of time.

That said, the more populous the area, the more likely you are to find spawns. If there is a non-Landmark area or cluster of in-game POIs near you, that will be the best place for you to find Werewolves this month! For example, although the Botanical Gardens in my city is the most populated location for me to grind XP, it also happens to be a Legends of Hogwarts Landmark and produced 0 Brilliant Event spawns. For fear of missing out on Werewolves, I know I’ll just stick to my local park since it’s Landmark-free, well-lit, safe, and full of spawns!

When it comes to finding Werewolves, the most important tip to remember is your safety. Play with a buddy, stay away from dark alleys, and be smart when playing at night!

Now get back out there and help fight the Calamity! Your Ministry needs you.

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Tony Giegler
Tony Giegler(@tonygiegler)
2 years ago

Is there a time of day that works better for werewolves? I would assume at night, but I don’t want to assume incorrectly.

2 years ago

Haven’t found a single one yet. I’m gonna grind them out tonight.