How to Spend 15 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books


The upcoming Brilliant Event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gives players the opportunity to earn up to 10 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books. If you have earned all previous DADA Books, this will give you a total of 20 DADA Books.

However, we understand that not all players are able to complete the Bonus Assignment in Brilliant Events. This guide focuses on the different ways to spend 15 DADA Books.


There are 31 nodes which need a varying amount of DADA Books to start or to complete the nodes. So, it can be a tricky choice to make. Your best choice depends on:

  1. Your chosen profession
  2. Your level
  3. Skills that you lack (and hence why you would want to improve them)
  4. Existing skills to further enhance

Which SOS Training Skills Require 15 DADA Books?

Let’s have a look at different ways you could spend your 15 DADA Books. Looking at the SOS Task Force Appraisal skill trees, we can find out which nodes require the DADA Books and how many would you need to max out the node

Note: You do not have to max out a node to unlock the next node.

The below table shows the nodes which can started (or even completed) with the 15 (or fewer) DADA Books.

Node Name Description Cost of each tier Total DADA Books needed to complete the node Required Level Is this node blocked by previous nodes with DADA Books?
Calamity Essentials I
Dawning Understanding Reduces the time for brewing the Invigoration Draught by 2% with every tier (total 3 tiers to complete the node) 10 – Field Guides

1 – Ministry Manuals

4 – DADA Books

12 DADA Books 8 NO
Awesome Blossom Increases the number of uses from a single Exstimulo Potion 96 – Field Guides

6 – Ministry Manuals

10 – DADA Books


10 DADA Books 12 NO
Volunteer Work Increases the Trace and Combat effect of Potent Exstimulo Potion by 2% with every tier (total 3 tiers to complete the node) 50 – Field Guides

4 – Ministry Manuals

4 – DADA Books

12 DADA Books 12 NO
Calamity Essentials II
Whetstone For The Mind Increases the damage bonus achieved from the Wit-Sharpening Potion by 3% (total 3 tiers to complete the node) 10 – Field Guides

2 – Ministry Manuals

15 – DADA Books

45 DADA Books 22 NO
A Horse With No Name Increases the overall Departure Denial chance by 3% (total 4 tiers to complete the node) 52 – Field Guides

11 – Ministry Manuals

14 – DADA Books

56 DADA Books 25 NO
I’ll Be The Knight Increases the damage done by Wit-Sharpening Potion by 3% (total 4 tiers to complete the node) 95 – Field Guides

51 – Ministry Manuals

8 – DADA Books

32 DADA Books 40 NO


Based on my level and the skills/Potions I would like to improve, I have chosen the following combinations. This selection is also based on nodes that do not need you to unlock any previous nodes by using DADA Books. You might need to unlock the previous nodes with Field Guides and/or Ministry manuals to get to the mentioned nodes.

Note: I have assumed you will have enough Field Guides and Ministry Manuals to unlock the nodes along with the necessary DADA books.

Improve Potent Exstimulo Potions

I use the Potent Exstimulo Potion (or any of its variations) a lot. It’s my go-to Potion for returning Foundables or for speeding through Wizarding Challenges. Thus, the ability to increase the Trace and Combat effect of Potent Exstimulo Potion by 2% would be very useful.

This can be achieved by spending your DADA Books on the Volunteer Work node, which is part of Calamity Essentials I. You could spend 12 DADA Books to complete the node which would give you a total of 6% increase in the Trace and Combat effect.

This is also essential given that the Exstimulo ingredients might not be readily available (if you live in a rural area or the suburbs), so you would like your Potent Exstimulo Potion to be stronger.

Improve Exstimulo Potions

Given how much I like to use the Exstimulo potion, my second combination might not come as a surprise.

Wouldn’t it be great to get an extra usage from the (regular) Exstimulo potion? Awesome blossom gives you exactly that. By unlocking this node (which can be found under Calamity Essentials I), you can increase the usages of your Exstimulo potion by 1, bringing the uses per Potion up to 4. And this will only cost you 10 DADA Books.

You could then use 4 DADA Books on unlocking one node of Volunteer Work, which would increase the Trace and Combat effect of Potent Exstimulo potion by 2%.

Invest in Departure Denial

Departure Denial is a handy skill that decreases the departure rate of Foundables. This is one of my favorite SOS Training skills (aside from enhancing Potions and improving the Trace Charm).

Naturally, I would like to spend my DADA books on Departure Denial nodes. Who wouldn’t like improving their chances of returning some rare Foundables without always using the Dawdle Draught?

If this is your priority, you could use 14 DADA books on A Horse With No Name. This node is part of Calamity Essentials II skill tree and is available once you reach Level 25. This node increases the overall Departure Denial chance by 3%. This is a handy upgrade as it gives you an overall boost of 3% for returning Foundables of any Family. This might be useful if you are a lower-level player, and the departure rate for your Traces is high.

Unlock Spanglarillion to Improve the Trace Charm

I have saved the best for the last. At first glance, spending your hard-earned DADA Books on this skill might not seem like something you would want to do. But the node that this node would unlock is definitely worth it.

For this final suggestion, you could spend all 15 DADA Books on Whetstone For The Mind which would increase the damage bonus achieved from the Wit-Sharpening Potion by 3%. This doesn’t seem like a lot of benefit for spending 15 precious DADA Books.

But this node from Calamity Essentials II unlocks the access to the next node Spanglarillion which increases the maximum number of times you can cast your Trace Charm. More Trace Charm uses means more rare Foundables which means more Field Guides AND more Ministry manuals which means more SOS Training skills!

If you are Level 22 or higher, this is most likely the best way to spend 15 DADA Books.

Which one would you choose? Or do you have some other combination that you would like to spend your DADA Books on? Let me know in the comments.

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