Quick Guide: Finish An Imperfect Love Week 2 FAST

An Imperfect Love artwork with portraits of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange

The second week of An Imperfect Love starts later today in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! If you want to complete this Brilliant Event as quickly as possible, these tips and tricks will help.

Note: I apologize for getting this guide up so late. A perfect storm of health issues and prior commitments prevented me from writing this sooner, and no one else on the writing team was able to put together this guide.


As with the first speed run guide, I’ve made assumptions about players interested in these tips. 1) You are willing to spend Gold to complete tasks quickly. 2) You have access to POIs in the game. 3) Speed is your primary goal.

You can also refer back to the typical Brilliant Event guide, with general advice for completing tasks without spending Gold.

Accessibility note: If you are using a screen reader, you will need to visit the full guide for An Imperfect Love for all of the tasks and rewards. This post includes infographics by Orange Wizard for quick reference, but the alt text does not break down all of the tasks and rewards.

An Imperfect Love SPEED RUN

What resources do you need before the Brilliant Event begins?

What actions should you take in the game to complete the Brilliant Event quickly?

This guide will answer those questions.

First, for a quick reference to the tasks, take a look at Orange Wizard’s infographics.

Infographic depicting tasks and rewards for An Imperfect Love Week 2

Infographic depicting Bonus Assignment for An Imperfect Love Week 2

Keep in mind that in addition to the Brilliant Foundables, Foundables that require Alohomora will also be boosted.

  • Argus Filch
  • Executioner
  • Thestral
  • Demiguise
  • MoonCalf
  • Buckbeak

How to Prepare for An Imperfect Love

While the general prep work will continue to be the same, players don’t need to do as much specific prep work for this Brilliant Event.

Not all players will be able to do everything on this list. However, the more you do, the easier it will be to finish An Imperfect Love quickly. Note that these recommendations are based on prioritizing speed, both for prep and for the event itself.

  1. Max out your Spell Energy
  2. Max out your Trace Charms
  3. Stockpile 8-12 Tonics for Trace Detection
  4. Stockpile 2 Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs
  5. Stockpile 20 Gifts that give high Wizarding XP
  6. Unlock certain SOS Training nodes
  7. Brew 3 Potions, without collecting them
  8. Coordinate with other players to do Wizarding Challenges at a set time

SOS Training

To improve your Brilliant Event speed run, you want to decrease the brewing time for Potions and increase the effects of Potions. Unlock as many of these nodes as possible.

Location Node Effect
CE I,8 Brainiac Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,9 Nail Mail Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,15 Caps Off Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,8 Dry and Bitter Reduces brewing time for Exstimulo Potion
CE I,9 Drop for Drop Reduces brewing time for Exstimulo Potion
CE II,40 Mane Event Reduces brewing time for Exstimulo Potion
CE I,8 Magical Maladies Reduces brewing time for Healing Potion
CE I,10 Ditty for Dittany Reduces brewing time for Healing Potion
CE I,7 A Wing and a Flare Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,19 Temp Work Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,22 Bottoms Up Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,6 Start a Movement Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE I,10 Sous Vide Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE II,17 Clear Your Mind Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE I,7 Stir Crazy Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection
CE II,25 Concentrated Concoction Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection
CE III,38 Trained For This Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection

Brew Potions

The first set of event tasks requires players to brew 3 Potions. Do this in advance so you can collect them immediately.

Do Wizarding Challenges

If you have sufficient Brilliant Runestones left from the first week of An Imperfect Love, do Wizarding Challenges to earn enough Brilliant Lavender Brown Fragments so she is ready to place. Do not place her Image in the Brilliant Registry.

How to Complete An Imperfect Love Quickly

Plan out your schedule so that you are somewhere with a good Trace density when the Brilliant Event begins. It’s better if you’re near at least one Inn.

Remember to avoid visiting the Brilliant Registry page until the 2nd set of tasks. The easiest way to do this is to stop returning Brilliant Foundables after you reach 19 of any.

Don’t return more than 5 Brilliant Portrait of Voldemort Foundables until you reach the 3rd quest.

Tap through the dialogue. Visit the Assignments page. Some players experience bugs if they do event tasks without seeing the tasks first.

If you want, use regular Exstimulo Potions on Brilliant Foundables to return them more quickly.

An Imperfect Love Quest 1

Collect the 3 Potions already brewed. Queue up 4 short Potions (Healing Potions and/or Exstimulo Potions), but do not use Master Notes yet.

Use 1-2 Tonics for Trace Detection to return all of the required Brilliant Portrait of Bellatrix Lestrange Foundables.

Finish the first set of tasks, and begin the second set.

An Imperfect Love Quest 2

Visit the An Imperfect Love Registry page. Collect the Brilliant Runestones.

How long it takes to collect the required 6 Brilliant Runestones depends on your Brilliant Registry status after the first week. You might need to keep returning Brilliant Quidditch Fan Hermione and/or Brilliant Quidditch Keeper Ron without placing their Images in order to earn the necessary Brilliant Family XP. You can also do Wizarding Challenges with Brilliant An Imperfect Love Runestones.

Using the required 2 Tonics for Trace Detection should reveal enough Foundables who require Alohomora. You only need to cast the spell, not return the Foundables, so try to get Fair casts! Then you can cast the spell multiple times on a single Foundable.

Finish the second set of tasks, and begin the third set.

An Imperfect Love Quest 3

Using Master Notes is a slowdown task. Go to your Cauldron and do Master Notes on the Potion already brewing. Then get the Rental Cauldron for 15 Gold. Queue up 2 Potions (2 Exstimulo Potions or Healing Potions). Do Master Notes on the first.

Note the times remaining on both Potions. Come back immediately when they’re ready so you can do Master Notes on the subsequent Potions. This is particularly important for the Rental Cauldron so you can add 1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir.

Return the required 15 Brilliant Portrait of Voldemort Foundables. If you still need Fragments to reach 20 total of any other Brilliant Foundable, return those too. Stop at 20 of each.

As necessary, renew your Tonic for Trace Detection.

Whenever the Map is clear of needed Brilliant Foundables, do Wizarding Challenges. Ruins V to Tower III usually give 3-4 Foes per Challenge, and you can defeat them fairly quickly.

After every 2-3 Wizarding Challenges, return to the Map and look for the Brilliant Foundables. Also, continue to keep an eye on the clock for your Potions.

Once you have defeated 15 Foes in Wizarding Challenges, and you have returned 15 Brilliant Portrait of Voldemort Foundables, it’s time to spend more Gold to collect Potions. Do Master Notes on each Potion, then spend Gold to collect it immediately. You don’t need to spend Gold on the 4th Potion in your regular Cauldron, nor on the 3rd Potion in your rental Cauldron. Just doing the Master Notes is fine.

Finish the third set of tasks, and begin the fourth set.

An Imperfect Love Quest 4

You should have multiple Brilliant Images ready to place in your Brilliant Registry. Do that first.

If your Tonic for Trace Detection is still going, start by returning all Brilliant Foundables on the Map. Once those are clear, drink a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir and do Wizarding Challenges.

Stick with Ruins V to Tower III, using Brilliant Runestones. You can earn Brilliant Sword of Gryffindor Replica Fragments while you earn Wizarding XP.

After every 2-3 Wizarding Challenges, return to the Map and look for the Brilliant Foundables.

An Imperfect Love Bonus Assignment

As necessary, renew your Baruffio’s Brain Elixir. Open up to 20 Gifts, prioritizing Gifts that give a high amount of Wizarding XP. If you have any Portkeys ready to open, open those too. Click on a single Wrackspurt and back out.

You might earn the 12,500 Wizarding XP just from Gifts and Portkeys.

If you still need Wizarding XP, use a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir as well as a Tonic for Trace Detection. Stack 3 Dark Detectors on an Inn. Prioritize any Traces with red beams (Severe and Emergency), along with all Brilliant Traces. Use your Trace Charm on 2-3 Traces with red beams.

You will most likely need 2-3 Tonics for Trace Detection to return 45 Brilliant Foundables, as well as to cast Alohomora 25 times. Again, you can attempt Fair casts to get credit for multiple casts on a single Foundable.

Finally, Wizarding Challenges! To defeat Formidable Foes, solo Tower Chambers so you’re not competing for the same Foes.

You also need to win a Wizarding Challenge in your highest unlocked Chamber. This should be fairly easy if you’ve already coordinated with friends, although the beacon strategy can take some time. If you’re unable to coordinate, hop on the Knight Bus and do your best to find others.

Final Thoughts

This Brilliant Event Speed Run guide was a reader request! Please share any additional tips you might have in the comments. Personally, I don’t worry about speeding through Brilliant Events, nor do I spend Gold for events, so I had to think outside myself to write this guide.

ALSO if you’re looking for a group to coordinate Wizarding Challenges on the Knight Bus, XpectoGO usually does a Wednesday livestream for Fortresses, and I do a Thursday livestream. The following Discords also include Knight Bus coordination.

I’m always interested to hear your thoughts! Connect with me and the rest of the WizHub team here in the comments or on our social media platforms. The first-ever Wizards Unite HUB (fan website) reader survey is still open if you want to share your feedback.

Wizards Unite Hub is a fan website and community that is mostly volunteer-run. I would love to implement all of the suggestions from the reader survey, but our team simply does not have enough people or free time to do it all. If you’re a frequent reader, then you’ll notice that I (Brita) write about half of the articles myself, and I edit everything else… I also single-handedly run the Twitter account and the Facebook account. I’m already stretched thin, so I need help if y’all want to see more here on Wizards Unite Hub!

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