Wizards Unite S.O.S. Assignment Task List

Statue of Secrecy Task Force
Statue of Secrecy Task Force

Hello fellow Wizards and Witches! In the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, S.O.S. Assignments are a set of special tasks that serve as a plot mechanism for the story and mythology around the Calamity! The tasks are accompanied with dialogue from several characters in the game.

Each group of tasks comes in a set of 3 and are always worth the same amount of Wizarding Experience (50, 100, and 300 XP). You will also be rewarded 5 Gold for every set you complete and turn in. Note that there are level requirements to progress to the next set of tasks!


The Complete S.O.S. Assignment List

Pro Tip: You cannot complete tasks before you get to them. We encourage looking ahead on this list so you can better prepare and strategize an approach.

S.O.S. Task Set #1: Fantastic Foundables

Required Level: 3

Dine at 3 Inns.
Return 2 Foundables of any Family.
Place 1 Image in the Foundable Registry.

S.O.S. Task Set #2: Confounding Confoundables

Required Level: 3

Perform 5 Great Spell casts.
Perform 2 Masterful Spell casts.
Return 3 Foundables of any Family.

Tip: Performing a Masterful Spell cast will also grant you progress on your “5 Great Spell casts” task.

S.O.S. Task Set #3: Fragmented Foundables

Required Level: 4

Recover 2 Foundable Fragments.
Unlock 1 Portkey Portmanteau.
Place 2 Images in the Registry.

S.O.S. Task Set #4: Framing Foundables

Required Level: 5

Return 3 Mysterious Artefacts Family Foundables.
Return 5 Legends of Hogwarts Family Foundables.
Place 2 Dark Arts Family Foundables.

Tip: Look for flags in your local area where these specific Families spawn!

S.O.S. Task Set #5: A Calamitous Conundrum

Required Level: 6

Recover the London Five Transcript Mystery Object.
Dine at Inn 3 times.
Recover the Redacted Report Mystery Object.

Tip: These are random rewards from returning Foundables!

S.O.S. Task Set #6: Foraging in Fortresses

Required Level: 7

Defeat 6 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.
Defeat 2 Common Erkling foes in Wizarding Challenges.
Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges.

Tip: Common Erklings show up on lower levels in abundance – defeating them will grant progress in the “Defeat 6 Foes in Wizarding Challenges” task.

S.O.S. Task Set #7: Stronger United

Required Level: 7

Return 2 Magizoology Family Foundables.
Return 2 Ministry of Magic Family Foundables.
Return 3 Hogwarts School Family Foundables.

Tip: Similarly to Set #4, look for those Family flags in your local area.

S.O.S. Task Set #8: Advanced Potion-Making

Required Level: 8

Brew 3 Potions.
Use Exstimulo Potion 2 times.
Use Baruffio’s Brain Elixir 1 time.

Tip: Progress is granted when you claim the brewed Potions, not when they are done brewing. Stack them before bed, and claim them all in the morning!

S.O.S. Task Set #9: Persistent Predicament

Required Level: 10

Unlock 1 5km Portkey Portmanteau.
Walk 5 kilometers.
Return 3 Dark Arts Family Foundables.

S.O.S. Task Set #10: Two Spells?

Required Level: 12

Recover 2 Pixie Wings from Pixie Confoundables.
Return 2 Legends of Hogwarts Family Foundables.
Recover 2 Fire Embers from Fire Confoundables.

Tip: The Pixie Wings and Fire Embers are common drops when you successfully return a Foundable being Confounded by Pixies and fire, respectively.

Some common Pixie Confoundables include: Gobstone Set and Crystal Ball. Some common Fire Embers include: Music Box and Wanted Poster of an Askaban Escapee. 

S.O.S. Task Set #11: Diving deeper

Required Level: 14

Recover 5 Foundable Fragments.
Return 2 High risk Foundables.
Defeat 10 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

S.O.S. Task Set #12: Dynamic Dilemma

Required Level: 16

Place 2 Images in the Registry.
Dine at Inns 7 times.
Defeat 10 Formidable Pixie Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Tip: Farming Formidable Pixies can take awhile! If you are a Professor, the best place to encounter these Foes is in Ruins Chambers 3/4. If you are an Auror or Magizoologist, we recommend alternating between Ruins Chamber 5 and Tower Chamber 1. Teaming up with Professors in team Wizarding Challenges can yield Formidable Pixies as well!

S.O.S. Task Set #13: Chasing the Wind

Required Level: 18

Perform 5 Masterful Spell casts.
Recover 3 Troll Bogeys from Troll Confoundables.
Brew 7 Potions.

Tip: Similar to Sets #8 and #10.

Some common Troll Confoundables include: Flesh-Eating Slugs and Magical Megaphone.

S.O.S. Task Set #14: All In One

Required Level: 20

Recover 5 Doxy Droppings from Doxy Oddities.
Recover 2 Tufts of Werewolf Hair from Werewolf Oddities.
Dine at Inns 10 times.

Tip: Doxy Droppings are common drops from Doxy Oddities. Doxy only spawn during Dawn. This is defined as an hour before Sunrise until an hour after Sunrise. We recommend looking up sunrise time in your local area and plan to hunt some Doxies during that time!

Tufts of Werewolf Hair are common drops from Werewolf Oddities. Werewolves only spawn during the nights of the Full Moon. This is defined as +/- 1 day of the Full Moon. This means you have roughly 3 nights a month to hunt these creatures!

S.O.S. Task Set #15: Witches and Wizards United

Required Level: 20

Defeat 30 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.
Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 Teammates.
Defeat 10 Formidable Death Eater Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Tip: Completing 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 Teammates requires a team of 4 (including yourself). You do not count towards the “3 Teammates” portion of this task.

Farming Formidable Death Eaters is a little more challenging than the Formidable Pixie Foes we encountered in Set #12, but if we follow the same general rules in Set #12 – it can be a little easier! If you are an Auror, you will encounter Formidable Death Eaters most commonly in Ruins Chambers 3/4. If you are a Professor or Magizoologist, we recommend Ruins Chamber 5 and Tower Chamber 1! Teaming up with an Auror or two in team Wizarding Challenges can also yield many Formidable Death Eaters!

Parting Words

The S.O.S. Assignment tasks give us a brief but interesting look into the Calamity and what caused it. We cannot wait for more sets of S.O.S. Assignments to be released. We will make sure to update this guide as more are released!

Get out there and help other Wizards and Witches defeat the Calamity!

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Lore Seeker
Lore Seeker
2 years ago

Tip: Completing 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 Teammates requires a team of 4 (including yourself). You do not count towards the “3 Teammates” portion of this task. –> No, that is incorrect. 3 in total is sufficient, at least it worked perfectly fine for me. You might however mention that this task is completely bugged and it depends on luck whether or not a challenge counts for the achievement…

Joel Nicol
Joel Nicol
2 years ago

Hi, Can confirm you need just 3 players total for the complete 3 wizarding challenges with 3 teammates. Myself and 2 friends worked away on this one. For each challenge you complete, only one teammate at random seems to get the credit for this SOS assignment. We ended up spamming level 1 challenges. We probably did around 8 challenges in total (only two of us were up to this SOS assignment) before the two players both got 3/3 on this. There were times when none of us got the credit, seemingly it might have tried to register for the one… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Joel Nicol

I completed it myself with two others. Anecdotally, there are 2 things people suggest: 1) that the person to get credit must have created the lobby by being the first to select a runestone; and 2) the person to get credit must be the first to exit the room at the end. I had gotten stuck at 2 completions, and when I tried both of these, I got my third… but it could be coincidence…

Jackie Fox
Jackie Fox
1 year ago

I think its a shame if you play this game on your own that you cannot complete the SOS challenge.

Deb Kainauskas
Deb Kainauskas
1 year ago
Reply to  Jackie Fox

I don’t know anyone in real life who plays, how do I play with those I have befriended?

Christy Sanford
Christy Sanford
1 year ago

I just reached Assignment 13, and the first task is now “Perform five great casts” instead of masterful.

Christy Jackson Nicholas
Christy Jackson Nicholas
1 year ago

It’s been nine months since I got to the Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 Teammates task, and I still haven’t been able to complete it. I don’t live near a city or a Simon mall. And I think there are now more SOS tasks, but I can’t go forward… PLEASE change this so we can get another option!!!