Prestiging the Easiest Exploration Registry Pages


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is similar to Pokémon GO in that both games aim to collect.

In Pokémon GO, players wander around trying to find, hatch, or battle all of the Pokemon in order to capture them. Players have a Pokedex that keeps tracks of all Pokemon and how many you have caught along with a few other stats. Pokémon trainers aim to fill that ‘dex’ by collecting them all.


In Wizards Unite, players wander around dispelling magical Traces (Foundables) and collecting their fragments in a sticker book called the Registry. Their Exploration Registry has 10 categories:

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Dark Arts
  • Hogwarts School
  • Legends of Hogwarts
  • Ministry of Magic
  • Magizoology
  • Magical Games and Sports
  • Mysterious Artifacts
  • Wonders of the Wizarding World
  • Oddities

Each category has 3 pages of stickers except Oddities, which only has 2 pages. Each page has 5 to 6 different types of Foundables. Here is a list of all of the Foundables in the Registry.

Each Foundable is available either…

  • In the wild (as a Trace in the Overworld)
  • In the wild (as a Trace in the Overworld) and from a Portkey
  • As a Fortress reward

Each Foundable also has a threat level, which determines its rarity, win rate (catch rate), flee rate, and value for returning (player XP and family XP). 

Here is a list of the Foundables’ threat levels and their win rate range:

  • Low (45-60%)
  • Medium (20-30%)
  • High (10-15%)
  • Severe (~1.7%)
  • Emergency (0.3-1.1%)

Each category’s tab has a few pages of Foundable stickers, and there is a definite pattern for each page. One page (usually the first, but not always) has 3 common Foundables, 1 uncommon Foundable, and 1 rare Foundable. The common and uncommon Foundables are usually Low threats. The rare Foundable is usually–but not always–a Medium threat. The other two pages have a mix of Medium to Emergency Foundables along with 1-2 Fortress-only Foundables. 

This chart shows the rarest Foundables on the easiest pages to prestige.

List of Rarest Foundables (Common pages)
List of Rarest Foundables (Common pages)

Since two of the pages have rare threats (Severe and Emergency) along with Fortress-only threats, they will take awhile to prestige even once. This is very clear, because Emergency threats are some of the rarest to find yet you need the most (15 fragments) to max once (after prestiging, that number goes up). For example, Tom Riddle needs 15 fragments, then 14 for Bronze, 21 for Silver, and 25 for Gold for a grand total of 75 fragments!

Don’t worry about those Emergency traces though. Focus on the easy pages first, because you will get most of your family XP from them (and you can slowly pick up the others).

Here is a list of each category’s easy pages in each category:

Exploration Registry
Exploration Registry

Bold means it’s uncommon (compared to the commons). An example from my personal data (1,124 seen Care of Magical Creatures): I saw 3 of the Low traces ~85% of the time, Acromantula eggs 9%, and Monster Books 5%.

The other categories are similar with the uncommon showing up 10-18% of the time.

Note: With the new update, a few Foundables were added, most notably, Young Neville Longbottom in the Legends of Hogwarts as a Medium threat.

** Two stars means it’s the rarest of the group and thus very important for prestiging the page. The other categories are similar with the rarest showing up 5-8% of the time.

Note: I have noticed these rare traces also have a HIGH flee rate, so have those Exstimulo potions and maybe even Dawdle Droughts ready. Expect a 50% flee rate after the first try.

Here is the list of rarest of the Common pages:

Two star Foundables. Value these above ALL other Foundables! These rarely show up and are known to flee after the first try.

Hagrid's Umbrella
Hagrid’s Umbrella
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Monster Book of Monsters (Medium)
  • Dark Arts: Magick Moste Evile (Low)
  • Hogwarts School: Boggart Cabinet (Medium)
  • Legends of Hogwarts: Young Ginny Weasley (Medium)
  • Ministry of Magic: Flock of Interdepartmental Memos (Medium)
  • Magizoology: Niffler (Medium)
  • Magical Games and Sports: Quidditch World Cup (Medium)
  • Mysterious Artifacts: Hagrid’s Umbrella (Low)
  • Wonders of the Wizarding World: Self-Playing Harp (High, yellow beam)

Family Levels

A category’s family levels is shown at the top of the category’s Registry page. The beginning levels start with a low XP requirement (10-25), but eventually requires 100 to level up. Family levels currently max out at level 65.

Each completed family level gives 2 to 4 scrolls: 2 at the beginning, then 4 starting at level 9. One of the three resources needed for a player’s profession is Scrolls. Also, each family level up gives a random Runestone, level 1 to 5. Higher level Runestones are extremely important for maximizing a player’s challenge XP in Fortresses, which lead to Spell Books, the second resources needed for professions. Therefore, returning Foundables is a key aspect to Wizards Unite.


Prestiging a page is when all of the stickers have been completed and the page can be reset. To maximize family XP, it’s important to find all of the fragments to get great family XP. When you find enough fragments to complete a sticker, you get bonus family XP, but the Foundable is maxed out–you only get minimal family XP (see table below). So, if you catch 10 Baby Nifflers, but you only needed 1 for the sticker, 9 of those were only worth 1 family XP (the first was worth 3 family XP).

Threat Level Needed
(Family XP)
(Family XP)
Low 3 1
Medium 5 2
High 7 3
Severe 10 5
Emergency 20 7

You need to complete all of the stickers in that page to prestige (reset + level up) the page and get more family XP. The rarest Foundables mentioned above are usually the limiting factors in prestiging a page. While you wait for those last rare fragments, you are only getting 1 family XP for all of those Flobberworms.

Note: When you get Gold and max that high-level sticker, you go back to Max-Fragment family XP, 1 for a low. Your reward for prestiging and finishing Gold is… the base minimum family XP. I am just warning you: it will feel anti-climatic and very unfulfilling.

Page Level Low Fragments Needed Medium/High Fragments Needed
Start 1 4
Bronze 10 12
Silver 30 24
Gold 50 36

For example, 12 Monster Books are needed to prestige a Bronze page. I caught around 75 Kneazles, Baby Hippogriffs, and Flobberworms along with 23 Acromantula Eggs (uncommon). All of those only needed 10 fragments, so for 65 + 65 + 65 + 13 traces, I only received 1 family XP for each. When I finally got the 12th Monster Book, I prestiged the page and for the next 30 of each of them, I get 3 family XP apiece.

High, Severe, and Emergency Traces

High, Severe, and Emergency Traces give a lot of family XP. For example, a Philosopher’s Stone gives 20 family XP compared to a new Low, which gives 3 family XP. It’s worth using Exstimulo potions and leveling up to make these Traces easier to catch. Once you hit level 25, using a Strong Exstimulo potion puts the win rate in the middle-green level, which gives you a solid chance.

Also, it is worth catching anything higher than a Low threat even if it is maxed, because it will give more than 1 family XP. Though, the trade-off is usually energy as they have lower win rates (catch rates).

I know this was a lot of numbers and data, but I hope you now understand the importance of prestiging your registry pages.

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