Potter’s Calamity: The Best Way to Get Player and Family XP

Harry Potter, Hedwig, Trunk
Restricted Section Books
Restricted Section Books

If you haven’t started the new Brilliant Event, then you really need to start! Potter’s Calamity is MUCH better than the Flora & Fauna event. Potter’s Calamity gives a maximum of 15 Restricted Section Books for completing the four quests, tons of player XP (500+ XP per trace), and tons of Brilliant family XP, which means tons of scrolls. Break out those Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs and stock up on energy! It’s time to grind!

Gryffindor Dormitory Brilliant FoundablesFamily XP comparison to Brilliant Event #1 (Flora & Fauna): Potter’s Calamity gives 3.28x more family XP for completing the two traces compared to the Flora & Fauna Brilliant event (440 vs. 134)! It also gives roughly double the family XP when stickers are maxed (5 vs average of 2.4).


When is Potter’s Calamity Week 1?

Duration: One week (Time zone conversions: Everytimezone.com)

Started: July 16th, 6pm UTC

  • New Zealand: July 17th at 6am
  • Pacific (PDT): July 16th at 11am
Ends: July 23rd, 6pm UTC

  • New Zealand: July 24th at 6am
  • Pacific (PDT): July 23rd at 11am

Player XP

Trace Bonuses
Trace Bonuses

Since the recent nerf to chamber 1 player XP, this event is EASILY the best way to get player XP. With a Baruffio’s, it is 1,000+ XP per trace, similar to Horned Serpent hunting. These traces are way more common and available anytime during this week-long event. Stock up on energy, because the win rate (catch rate) is similar to the first Brilliant Event’s unicorn and Buckbeak!

Brilliant Hedwig (Medium): Win rate 25%

Brilliant Quidditch Harry Potter (High): Win rate 10%

Base XP: 500+ XP (based on bonuses)

Base XP w/ Baruffio’s: 1000+ XP (based on bonuses)

Brilliant Family XP (Scrolls and Runestones)

By completing the event’s quests and filling in the new Brilliant page, a player can get around 100 scrolls. But don’t stop there! Keep encountering more traces for even more family XP!

Brilliant Qudditch Captain Harry Potter: 20 family XP (240 family XP for 12 fragments)

Brilliant Hedwig: 20 family XP (200 family XP for 10 fragments)

That’s 440 challenge XP from the two traces, which is 306 more family XP than the Flora & Fauna Brilliant event!

Foundable Fragments Family XP “Max” Family XP
Brilliant QC Harry Potter 12 20 5
Brilliant Hedwig 10 20 5

Once you complete the two stickers, every 20 traces nets a Brilliant rank, which means 5 scrolls and 1 Brilliant runestone. Grinding these event traces is the best way to get scrolls right now.

The part that makes it better than Flora & Fauna is the two traces are considered Emergency threats, but are only Medium and High for tracing. In comparison, the Brilliant Unicorn and Buckbeak were just considered High and Medium threats, respectively. The family XP for Brilliant Unicorn fragments was 7 XP (High threat) and Brilliant Buckbeak 5 XP (Medium threat) for a total of 134 family XP. Maxed, unicorns gave 3 XP and Buckbeak gave 2 XP.

Other ways to get Brilliant Family XP:

  • Return more foundables past the completing the sticker
    • 5 challenge XP per means 20 foundables = 1 rank
      (100 XP for one higher level rank. The beginning levels only require ~20 family XP)
  • Opening Brilliant Portkeys (7km) and hope for 5x family XP
  • Fortress battles with a Brilliant runestone (10 family XP)
  • Completing the other stickers (from quests, portkeys, and fortress battles)
Brilliant Hedwig
Brilliant Hedwig
Quidditch Harry Potter
Quidditch Harry Potter


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