What do the Symbols in Wizards Unite Niffler Trailer Mean?


So far we have seen three Harry Potter: Wizards Unite teaser trailers. Each of them is really fast, showing a high amount of frames–and thus a lot of information–in a short amount of time.

On February 13, 2019, we got a third trailer, which was released through some YouTube channels who partnered with Warner Bros. It shows us trace no. 102: a niffler hiccuping after stealing some galleon-like coins inside an arcade.


Many logos and icons are shown in all the trailers. However, the last one contains new symbols that could give us new clues about the game. Let’s press the pause button to freeze every one of them and try to guess their meaning for Wizards Unite.

Wizards Unite Registry

We’ll start with something new in the third trailer, which appears to be giving us direct information about the game: the different registry categories. We can see them next to the niffler picture in the trace cataloguing.

Now, let’s take a look at a section on the Wizards Unite website:

These bits of information are already providing us with a pretty clear idea of what the game will consist on: as members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, we’ll have to look for magic traces around the muggle world and handle them with fast reflexes and our ability for casting spells. These traces are seemingly caused by a phenomenon: the Calamity.

If you play Pokémon GO, you already know about the idea of «research tasks,» where you are asked to complete certain tasks in exchange for a prize. The similarity between both approaches in Niantic games constitutes a strong support for this theory.

According to the symbols arranged under «REGISTRY,» we would be getting ten different categories for magic exposure episodes, represented by each symbol. Let’s speculate about what could be their meaning:

  1. The Golden Snitch was the category for the second trailer, regarding three Nimbus 2000 broomsticks (the snitch from the first trailer would also fit this category). We can virtually affirm that this class will contain sport-related items: clearly Quidditch equipment (e. g., a rogue bludger causing all kind of damage), but we also think it might include objects related to Wizard’s Chess and Gobstones.
  2. The second symbol is probably the least clear one. It seems like a wand throwing a spell, which could point to spells cast by wizards and witches. Personally, the shape of the spell reminds me of the snake from the Fiendfyre casted by Crabbe in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; this makes me think of curses and dark wizards. Nevertheless, this is a remote theory, and this category could instead contain just regular spells cast by scatterbrains or by wizards or witches who don’t agree with the magic world secrecy (can you imagine a game based on the Grindelwald era?).
  3. It is not clear what the lock refers to, but it evokes secrets, vaults… and whatever they could contain. Maybe Gringotts and other wizarding world banks?
  4. The fourth one is clear: everything related to the Ministry of Magic. Insubordinate workers, stolen objects (time-turners, prophesies, etc.), leaked top-secret issues…
  5. The skull is the most frightening of them. Maybe this one refers to dark wizards and death caused with them (murders, torture, even maybe terrorist attacks just like the one at the Millennium Bridge at the beginning of the sixth film; however, the latter ones could be dismissed from the game, as they would go against the fun spirit of the game). If this was the case, it would reject my remote theory for the second symbol, but it could also refer to issues concerning deceased wizards or witches, cemeteries (the Lestrange Mausoleum and new ones)…
  6. The paw is the category marked for this third trailer. Trace no. 102 is about a niffler. Thus, we are getting magical beasts in this category.
  7. There’s also a different paw. It has a more aggressive outline. There’s three possibilities for this one: dangerous beasts (classified as XXXX or XXXXX, such as dragons), beings (such as werewolves, to whom this paw reminds me of, goblins, house elves, giants, etc.) or spirits (dementors, boggarts, poltergeists like Peeves, ghosts, banshees, etc.). Maybe a mix of them.
  8. This one is most likely not going to being limited to King’s Cross Station, as The Wizarding World has opened its borders and it is based now all around the world, although keeping its strong connection to the UK. It might contain traces at vehicles from both public and private muggle transport: underground, trains, buses, cars, bicycles, etc. It could also include magical transport methods: Portkeys, Apparition, Floo Network, etc.
  9. We have a star. It may be a reference to Astronomy. It also may refer to weather issues. Finally, do you remember Firenze’s Divination classes? He taught his students to read the stars. This could mean we have a Divination category.
  10. The H from the Hogwarts crest. Again, we don’t think this category will be limited to Hogwarts, for the same reason as the 9 and 3/4 category, but will maybe contain issues related to students using magic outside of school, or to any of the magic schools around the world.

Magic Exposure Threat Level Clock

The Threat Level clock has consistently appeared in all the trailers so far. It is part of the classification of the magic traces, allocating a level to each of them. This clock is the same at the MACUSA in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film. First of all, let’s take a look at the film one:

Source: Pottermore

Now, pay attention at the clock displayed on the Wizards Unite website:

It is currently at level 1 («low threat»). It used to be at «zero threat». Which level do you think will be necessary for the game release? 😉

Anyways, let’s go back with the symbols in the niffler trailer: the discombobulated niffler entails a level 2 threat («moderate»):

Other stamps and logos

The spell Repello Muggletum seems to be cast for the handling of every trace (this spell was used by Hermione during the Horcruxes search, and it’s cast around Hogwarts to drive muggles away):

The important part of these stamps is the following: the spell would presumably have to be verified by a wizard or witch from the Ministry of Magic. So far, we’ve got two signatures: Mathilda Grimblehawk (she appears in the game Cases from the Wizarding World) and Constance Dukenny. Perhaps we are the next ones on verifying Repello Muggletums?

Finally, let’s pay attention to the details on the Statute of Secrecy logo:

Acronym, Ministry of Magic logo and Harry’s scar. Are they telling us about the relevance of Harry Potter in the game? There’s two more elements supporting this idea: the flash of the Harry Potter logo above the Wizards Unite one at the end of the trailer and the flash of the scar at the beginning. Of course, these could just be symbolic.

Until the game comes out, we can’t say for sure what any of these symbols mean. It’s still fun to speculate until then!

What do you think? Do you agree with these ideas? Tell us yours in the comments!

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