When Will Wizards Unite Release in 2019? Speculation & Analysis

Wizards Unite News
Wizards Unite News

Witches and wizards, have you seen the first teaser trailer for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? If not, watch it immediately, and prepare to be amazed!


There is so much to analyze in this trailer, but this article will focus on just one thing: the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date.

We know it’s coming in 2019, but we don’t know WHEN Wizards Unite will drop in 2019.

However, the Pottermore article and the trailer both provide clues for a Wizards Unite release date. Furthermore, we can analyze Niantic’s other games, Pokémon GO and Ingress.

Wizards Unite details on Pottermore

When Pottermore first covered the new logo for Wizards Unite, they used an interesting turn of phrase.

A new augmented reality mobile game is on the horizon, set to turn your whole world into a decidedly more magical one.

“On the horizon.”

This phrase generally means coming soon or in the near future. While this wording is still vague and open to interpretation, my best guess is first quarter 2019…

But my second guess is anytime between March and July 2019.

Wizards Unite teaser trailer 1

Ah, the Wizards Unite teaser trailer. So many potential hints at information. What is random for artistic effect, and what seemingly random details actually mean something? Only time will tell for sure, but until then, we can speculate.

The trailer shows numbers in the four corners of the screen. Let’s examine the time stamp in the bottom left corner.

15:11 is the number that remains consistent. On a 24-hour clock, that would be 3:11. That could hint at March 11th as the release date.

However, in Europe, dates are written day/month/year. So it could also mean November 15th. That’s either a disappointing release date OR the release date of the trailer itself. While the date stamp on YouTube is November 14th, other parts of the world were already November 15th when the Wizards Unite trailer first debuted.

Nick from WizardTube also analyzed the timing of each camera (top left corner) and discovered the seconds work out to 9/3/19. The video below is queued up to where he explains this theory.

While he suggests September 3rd, I prefer the European date interpretation. 9/3/19 could be March 9, 2019.

Wizards Unite Instagram

The Wizards Unite Instagram account also updated with a close-up of the alert poster. The 9 Instagram posts together create the poster. One of these posts has a few numbers on it.

View this post on Instagram

Your help is requested by the Ministry.

A post shared by Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (@hpwizardsunite) on

“Notice 133.”

Could that be 13-3, or March 13th?

There are other numbers too, but I can’t figure out a way to convert them into a date. If you can, drop a comment, and I’ll update this article with credit to you!

Wizards Unite teaser trailer 2

Wizards Unite just released another teaser trailer, this one even shorter than the first.

The road construction sign says “Event Ahead.”

Could the “event” be the Wizards Unite release date? Could “ahead” mean it’s coming soon?

Very briefly, the street sign flashes with the code above.




Isolating the numbers gives us 3179793. Using symbols as a space, the numbers read 3 17 97 9 3. Read backwards, it could be March 9th in 79 days, but then I still don’t know what 71 3 could be. Unless that’s a time.

Even that interpretation is greatly stretching the imagination. I’m open to ideas and code-cracking! Comment with your best theories!

Other Niantic releases

Wizards Unite will be Niantic’s third augmented reality game. Ingress was the first, and Pokémon GO was the second.

Pokémon GO first launched in July 2016 while Ingress first released on Android in December 2013. The new Ingress Prime just came out last month, on November 5th.

Niantic released a trailer for Pokémon GO in September 2015, six months before the first beta release. The trailer for Ingress coincided with the initial phase of beta-testing while the trailer for Ingress Prime debuted eight months before the first beta release.

Pokémon GO was in beta for three months before the worldwide release, Ingress was in beta for one month, and Ingress Prime was in beta for three months. In fact, the beta-testing for Ingress Prime led Niantic to push back the launch by a month in order to fix more bugs.

What do these release schedules tell us about Wizards Unite?

First, we know that Wizards Unite will most likely have a beta version before its overall release since all other Niantic games have had a beta-testing period. Hanke hinted at this in the interview with Eurogamer. The beta-testing could be as short as one month or as long as three months.

Second, we know that Niantic has successfully launched an Augmented Reality game, one meant to be played outdoors, in cold-weather months. While I still think a spring or summer release is more likely, it’s still possible we will have to wait until fall for Wizards Unite.

Wizards Unite Release Date Prediction

Analyzing all the data, I have two theories for when Wizards Unite will release. In fact, these are the same two theories I presented back in July.

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The first is March 2019. This is the beginning of spring and warm weather for at least two of the target markets for Wizards Unite: the United Kingdom and the United States. It’s also just a few months from now, plenty of time for a beta version to be tested first. The teaser trailer also has several hints for a March release. March is also soon enough to be considered “on the horizon.”

The second is July 2019. Specifically, July 31, 2019.

July 31st is both Harry Potter’s and J.K. Rowling’s birthday. July is also the month Pokémon GO launched back in 2016, meaning Niantic has experience with releasing a game then. (Hopefully experience Niantic has learned from). July is right in the middle of summer, with kids out of school and plenty of hot weather to encourage a location-based game.

In Conclusion…

This is all still just speculation and analysis of the Wizards Unite release date! With the current activity on the official social media accounts, we hope to learn more soon. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join our Discord server!

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