Wizards Unite features we’d like to see carried over from Pokémon GO and Ingress

Wizards Unite Hub
Wizards Unite Hub

As time goes on, we are seeing more and more features that can easily be carried over from Niantic’s earlier games, Pokémon GO and Ingress. Most of these features fall into the “systems” category, as they are the underlying foundation for a particular type of game play, and not specific implementation of that game play loop.

Let’s see which systems NIA can easily carry over to WU without much fuss.


Pokémon GO’s weather system

The real time weather system is one of the best features ever to be implemented in Pokémon GO, and we seriously want to see it Wizards Unite. GO’s weather system is based on a mix of meteorological radars, third party and government provided data, and it helps blur the boundary between the AR world and the real world.

For those who never played Pokémon GO, the system is fairly simple: if it’s raining outside in the real world, it will rain in game also. There are seven different types of weather: sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy, partly cloudy, snow and fog.

The weather system has changed the way players play Pokémon GO, and we truly wish to see it Wizards Unite.

Ingress’ Glyph Hacking

One of the best gameplay loops in Ingress is Glyph hacking, a system that enables players to “hack” portals by drawing “connect the dots” styled symbols in a timed fashion. The system is quite challenging at first, but incredibly rewarding once you get a grip of it.

Ingress glyphs (just a few, picture credits: Fev Games)

We are quite sure that a similar system will be present in Wizards Unite, as almost every Harry Potter game to date featured a spell drawing system. Glyph hacks are a variation of that system, with less combination and less error space for the player.

Luckily for us, the Harry Potter franchise has a well established symbol system for a number of existing spells, called wand motions:

Harry Potter Spell symbols, aka wand motions

Events and anomalies

Pokémon GO’s events are mostly timed in-game events that boost a particular Pokémon type, or rewards from performing particular actions. On the other hand, Ingress anomalies are, more often than not, kicked off by real world events that lead to in-game game play changes and actions.

We’d like to see both for Wizards Unite, especially in a form or tournaments, dueling clubs and dueling leagues. Can you imagine traveling to Berlin in order to duel your long standing rival in front of a huge crowd of AR games? We can, and it sounds amazing!

Which features would you like to see in Wizards Unite? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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