More Hints at a Summer 2019 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date


When will Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release?

The Wizards Unite release date speculation continues!


Last week, we published an article about the 90-day limit between listing an app in the Google Play and/or iOS App stores and releasing an app.

Wizards Unite became available for pre-registration in the Google Play Store on March 11, 2019. If the 90-day window is strict, that means Niantic would have to release Wizards Unite by June 9, 2019.

But how strict is that 90-day rule? Will Harry Potter fans see a Wizards Unite release date before June 9, 2019? That would certainly be a great birthday present for me and my June 8th birthday!

Luckily for inquisitive witches and wizards everywhere, James of XpectoGO did a little research and contacted both Google support and Apple support to find out more. Watch his whole video for all the details, or skip ahead to read about his conclusion.

Basically, Google support admitted that game releases depend solely upon the developers. Their 90-day window is more of a guideline, not a strict rule.

However, Apple enforces their 90-day window between listing an app and releasing an app. This could be why Niantic hasn’t yet listed Wizards Unite in the iOS App Store. Either they know the release date will be outside the 90-day window, or the release date is still tentative, and thus could be outside the 90-day window.

XpectoGO isn’t the only WUtuber doing intense research into a possible Wizards Unite release date. Poke Fodder has also discovered more details that hint to a launch date window for Wizards Unite.

An article published by The Investor, a Korean news website, claims that Wizards Unite will launch in «the first half of this year.» This information is also listed in a press release by SK Telecom.

If following the Gregorian calendar, then the first half of the year ends on June 30th.

However, while South Korea generally uses the Gregorian calendar, they also still recognize the Korean lunar calendar. Seollal, or the Korean New Year, was celebrated on February 5, 2019. Another shoutout to James from XpectoGO for pointing this out in the Hub’s Discord.

If this information is based on the Korean lunar calendar, then the first half of the year ends at some point in July.

Update: Just came across more information from Poke Fodder.

Looks like June 2019!

A Wizards Unite release date in June or July falls in line with what Kevin Tsujihara, former chairman and CEO of Warner Bros., said in February.

“Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” [augmented reality] video game project coming out this summer from Niantic…

In conclusion, this is all still just speculation about a Wizards Unite release date. However, June or July seems more and more likely!

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