[Speculation] Could Codename Neon actually become dueling in Wizards Unite?


Relatively recently, Niantic showcased a new AR technology they have been working on. At a technology summit in Japan they showed off numerous projects that have been under way in the labs at Niantic’s Headquarters. Niantic is known for being a developer that pushes the (Hogwarts) envelope when it comes to integrating new technology into their games, and this is another step in that direction.

The notable project they showcased in Japan was a game / tech demo called Codename Neon.


Codename Neon allows players to collect falling lights from the ground and throw them against opponents in real time, multiplayer, shared AR experience. This game was built to test out a new type of AR (augmented reality) technology, specifically targeted to creating a multi-player environment.

Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, directly referenced the demo during the recent Samsung Developers Conference and stated that it is being built into Niantic’s Real World Platform, which makes it available in all Niantic games:

Although not confirmed in any way, dueling could be a major draw to the highly anticipated Harry Potter mobile game.

PVP (player vs player) is an addition that Pokemon GO players have waited on for a long time and it is also what Niantic is likely waiting to perfect before they release Wizards Unite.

Niantic has shown the desire to take the game play of their mainstream games to higher levels by acquiring multiple technology companies that are building leading edge code applicable for gaming over and over.

Article by Wizard Tricks

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