We would like to start a new series of posts which are called Hedwig’s Letters aiming to express speculations, as well as wishes for features to be available in the game of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The letters will be addressed to Professor Minerva McGonagall who was the headmistress of Hogwarts for a period of time and worked together with Harry Potter and his friends to defeat the forces of darkness.

Headwig’s First Letter

Dear Professor McGonagall,

You must’ve gotten this first letter from Hedwig, the white owl.
Hedwig was Harry’s pet and messenger throughout his journey, and is now my friend who will be carrying my wishes for the upcoming game and delivering them to you.
I am writing to you on behalf of the wizards community all over the world.

I would like to start by introducing myself as the newest wizard in your school. I am eager to start learning the ways of witchcraft and wizardry. I can’t wait to start my journey at Hogwarts when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is released and magic starts spreading in the real world.

My first wish is all about the beginning of our wizarding journey.

Can you please make sure to assign Hagrid to be the one who is introducing us to this new world of magic, just as he did with Harry himself?
It would be great if we would get the chance to start the game with Hagrid taking us through the streets of London to Diagon Alley (the in-game store) in order to set up our wizard profile. There, we will be able to:

  • Introduce ourselves by picking our in-game name
  • Choose our clothing, hat, cloak, accessories, etc.
  • Pick our own companion/pet (which we’ll talk about in a future letter)
  • Get a couple of random ingredients from the potions shop
  • Visit Olivanders to receive a special unique wand
  • Go to the Gringotts Wizarding Bank and get a little amount of the in-game currency

This would be considered as our starter wizards kit for this magical journey.

Can’t wait for the day when I’ll be practicing some real magic and casting spells!
I’ll leave it to the other wizards reading this letter to add any options or features they would like to see in Diagon Alley.

Sincerely yours,



  1. The reasons I’m quitting Pokémon GO, when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is released, is because Pokémon GO isn’t competitive enough and cheating by spoofing and using Gym and Pokémon scanners has been running rampant for way too long. If there is anything different with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite I want it to be: increased competition and foolproof cheat detection.

  2. With an Ios system as of now, any one that want to can spoof for free. If there is some way to block spoofers, there will be fix in a few days. Why would any of the game makers want to ban spoofing? The spoofers are by far the players that spend in the most money. Andoid made changes to the OP that stopped spoofing not the game makers. I do not think they could if they wanted.

    • Niantic should create 2 identical games. One WU for spoofers and one for Legitimate players. But spoofers are sociopath that have many psychology problems that will provoke spoofer comes to Legitimate server for solving them lol