How Ghosts Could Appear in Wizards Unite

Moaning Myrtle Wizards Unite
Moaning Myrtle Wizards Unite

Editor’s note: This article was written prior to today’s announcement of the Halloween event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. I’ve attempted to edit with the confirmed Halloween event in mind. 

With the first Halloween approaching since the introduction of Wizards Unite, it’s time to ponder what sort of Halloween Event we might see. In Pokémon GO, Halloween was the first in-game event ever. Wizards Unite is even more suited for a Halloween Event.


What screams Halloween even more than Witches? Ghosts! Let’s take a look at all the Ghosts we’ve come across in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. While Ghosts aren’t mentioned in the announcement for the #DarkArtsMonth, we might see them in a future event.

Ghosts at Hogwarts

There have been a few Ghosts introduced in the Harry Potter Universe. According to Pottermore, Ghosts are Witches or Wizards who haven’t fully moved on for some reason. Hogwarts is home to many Ghosts, with each House having a Patron Ghost. Here is a list of notable Ghosts at Hogwarts.

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (aka Nearly Headless Nick)

Patron Ghost of Gryffindor. Said to be dashing and wearing a plumed hat, high ruff, and tights. Was executed after causing a lady-in-waiting in King Henry VII’s court to grow tusks. Celebrated his 500th Death day on October 31st, 1992.

Helena Ravenclaw (aka The Grey Lady)

Patron Ghost of Ravenclaw, as well as daughter of Rowen Ravenclaw, founder of Hogwarts. Originally stole her mother’s diadem, later assisted both Tom Riddle and Harry Potter in finding it. Was killed by the Bloody Baron, see his entry below for more info.

The Bloody Baron

Patron Ghost of Slytherin. It is said that the Baron is the only person (alive or dead) that can control Peeves the Poltergeist. The Baron was known for his love of Helena Ravenclaw; however, when she turned down his advances, he stabbed and killed her. Soon after he was riddled with so much guilt he used the same knife to end his life as well.

The Fat Friar

Patron Ghost of Hufflepuff. Little is known about this Ghost, just that he has a kind and charitable nature and is a merry soul. He was executed by his fellow churchmen after using magic to cure the pox.

Professor Cuthbert Binns

Professor of Magical History. He is supposedly a very boring teacher with the voice of an old vacuum cleaner. Almost all students fall asleep in his class. It is said he died in his sleep in the staff room, and just kept getting up every morning and teaching despite now being a Ghost.

Myrtle Elizabeth Warren (aka Moaning Myrtle)

A former Ravenclaw student who was killed by the Basilisk in 1943 when the Chamber of Secrets was opened by Tom Riddle. The story goes that she was crying in the bathroom after a girl, Olive Hornby, teased her. She heard a boy enter the bathroom and opened the door to tell him to ‘Get Out’, only to be killed by the Basilisk. Her death wasn’t wasted by Tom Riddle as he used her death to create his first Horcrux, the Diary. At first Myrtle used her Ghost form to haunt Olive, until the Ministry had to step in and demand she return to Hogwarts.

Moaning Myrtle Wizards Unite
Moaning Myrtle Wizards Unite

Myrtle is already a Hogwarts School Foundable in Wizards Unite.

Ghost-Like Creatures

In addition to Ghosts, there are a few other Ghostly Creatures in the Wizarding World. While it is unlikely these will be included in a Halloween event, you never know what Niantic and WB Games are cooking up.


In the Wizarding World, a Poltergeist is a indestructible spirit of chaos. They are created from rampant and uncontrolled emotion. The most famous Poltergeist in the Harry Potter series is Peeves. He lives at Hogwarts and is thought to be a manifestation of all the teenage angst and mischievousness.

Peeves Wizards Unite
Peeves Wizards Unite

Peeves already is a Hogwarts School Foundable in Wizards Unite. It is unlikely any other Poltergeist would be added to the game.


A slimy, buck-toothed, ugly creature that lives in the attic or barn of witches and wizards. They are harmless, but noisy, and they survive on spiders, moths, and other insects. Throughout the Harry Potter book series there are two Ghouls mentioned; one lives at the Burrow with the Weasleys, and another lives in the upstairs bathroom of 12 Grimmauld Place.


A hybrid creature that lives in North America. Originally the offspring of a Ghoul and a Demiguise, these creatures have continued mating and formed a population. These creatures resemble a tall skinny bear, and they are able to contort to hide behind any object. They can also become invisible. A hidebehind is what Isolt Sayre, of Ilvermorny fame, saves the Pukwudgie William from. The same hidebehind kills Mr. and Mrs. Boot, but Isolt arrives to saves their two sons.

Possible Ghost Event in Wizards Unite

At this point, we already know that October 2019 will not feature a Ghost Event, unless something changes. However, a Ghosts could still become a part of Wizards Unite, whether through an event or as a regular game feature.

With Moaning Myrtle and Peeves already appearing as Foundables in Wizards Unite, it could be possible to see a Special Assignment with them. This would also be an opportunity for Wizards Unite to introduce some of the other Ghosts. This event would most likely be similar to past Brilliant Events which add limited Brilliant Foundables to the game.

Another option is a whole new page may get introduced. Wizards Unite has already added new Foundables to existing Registry Pages, as well as adding completely new Registry pages. A new Registry Page for the additional Hogwarts Ghosts would be an easy way to incorporate Ghosts into the game.

I suspect this new Registry Page would also be in the Hogwarts School category, even though this category is getting heavy. With five additional Ghost at Hogwarts, and most Registry Pages having five Foundables, this would be a perfect fit.

What are your thoughts on Ghosts in the wizarding world? Who would you like to see as a Foundable in Wizards Unite? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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EJ Allen
EJ Allen(@ejallen)
2 years ago

The Wizards Unite Official Game Guide shows a (currently unavailable) registry page full of ghosts: Hogwarts Register III, containing Nearly Headless Nick, Bloody Baron, Gray Lady, and Fat Friar. However, it is not one of the Hogwarts School pages but rather part of the Challenges registry. Whether or not this page (or any others listed in the guide) will be added in the future is unknown.