Could Acromantula have a significant role in Wizards Unite?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite
Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Acro… What?

Oh yes. Winter is coming to the Northern Hemisphere! This means that not only humans look for a warm, cosy place to stay, but also spiders move out of the woods to dwell in your basement, attic or somewhere behind your closet… Spooky!

Our tiny spiders are zilch in comparison to the Acromantula though. We first met these horrific eight-eyed, hairy beasts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We know them best as vicious creatures who like the taste of human flesh. Remember the breath-taking moment when the Flying Ford Anglia had to save Ron, Harry and Fang from the sharp pincers of Aragog’s family..?


The question that follows: How could this eccentric animal be integrated into an AR world of Wizards Unite? Let’s do what we do best and make a list of the possibilities!

Acromantula illustration by Pottermore

1. Acromantula as an enemy?

You might not have the magical powers to laminate a ‘little’ arachnid like an Acromantula, but that will soon change. Although we don’t know the exact date when Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be launched, one day somewhere next year you WILL be able to enter a new world. A world filled with mythical creatures, iconic characters and maybe Harry himself. Who knows?! (for more information on this topic check out The one about Wizards Unite release date)

Sounds good, right? We over here at the HUB hope and pray there will be Acromantula among the creatures we will have to challenge. Not because we want to slay it with our sword, axe or even bare-handed like Geralt (The Witcher-series). No, because we’d have to gather all our knowledge, our bravery and of course… our WAND!

Will an Acromantula be an enemy in this upcoming game? We can only assume. What kind of enemy will an Acromantula be, though? We imagine it could get us engaged in a skirmish.

Group fight

The Ministry of Magic Classification distinguishes all creatures that reside in the Wizarding World in five different categories. Yes.. FIVE… Does that ring a bell?
This means we might see five different levels of ‘bosses’, much like the current raid system in Pokémon GO.

Acromantula are subdivided in category XXXXX. The highest tier in classification.
The following quote regarding this category is taken from the Harry Potter wikia site:

“This category is for creatures in the Wizarding world that are classified as XXXXX by the Ministry of Magic. These creatures are known wizard killers, and are impossible to train or domesticate.”

This emphasizes the thought that challenging an Acromantula on your own will be impossible. Most likely wizards will have to Unite to even have a chance against this vigorous monster.


A certain level of knowledge in Defence Against the Dark Arts (D.A.D.A.) might be necessary to fight against Acromantula, and other high tier creatures.

This means we’re guessing there will be a process by which characters are able to reach higher levels, gain greater attributes, and learn more abilities (spells). We think this will involve earning enough experience points by completing a variety of tasks such as quests or by “farming” such as killing enemies for their experience points.

Acromantula by ThanyaJK (deviantArt)

2. Acromantula as a pet?

The Ministry of Magic taught us that it’s impossible to train or domesticate any XXXXX-categorised creature. An Acromantula might however be an exception to this rule…

The following quote from the Harry Potter Wikia site supports this theory:

“Acromantulas are capable of forming emotional attachments to other sentient beings, but only if they are raised well from a very young age. A good example is the friendship between Aragog and Hagrid, with the latter having raised the giant spider from when he was still in his egg.”

The possibility of keeping an Acromantula as a pet isn’t so thought out. For a wizard to hatch an egg containing this powerful arthropod he/she must walk a certain distance and/or have the egg in their possession for a certain amount of time. This is all sheer speculation of course.

3. Acromantula as a partner in crime?

After raising your personal spider like it’s your own offspring, you fight side by side and take on other characters.
This transcends the concept of having an Acromantula as a pet. It focusses more on the fact that your Acromantula formed an emotional attachment with you as a wizard.

You would have the ability to heal your ally, which creates new opportunities. With the right knowledge of how to make healing potions, that is. You best follow a Potions class from Professor Snape in your first year!

What happens when your companion gets hit by a “Avada Kedavra” or gets liquidated by a basilisk’s killing gaze? It might be forever lost in an afterlife far away or a wizard might just possess an extremely rare Resurrection Stone… Who knows..?

Attention: If you ever find yourself face-to-face with an Acromantula remember this: Arania Exumai. Thank us later.

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3 years ago

This article seems too contain a lot of facts but I don’t think there is that much published information.

So my question i simple, is this fact or speculation?

Morgan aka Nekr1m0n - TL38
Morgan aka Nekr1m0n - TL38
3 years ago
Reply to  Samael

The pieces about the Acromantula are fact but how they will incorporate I to the game are all soeculation. They say “might” a lot in the article, as in, this might happen.

Antonio (Hub admin)
3 years ago
Reply to  Samael

It is in Speculation category, so it is Speculation 🙂