How to Maximize Challenge XP and Spell Books

Wizards Unite Fortress Illustration

Data from Half-Blood Princess and Written by Mr. T. Special thanks to Flo and TheDude for providing data and Bliznitch for similar work.

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, one of the main goals is to advance in your profession (Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor), and maybe even learn multiple professions. Each lesson gives a player more combat stats to take on both Oddities in the wild and Foes in Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles).


Skill Tree Resources

In order to level up your profession and buff up your stats, you need three resources:

  • Spell Books from Challenge XP Treasure Trunks (Wizarding Challenges)
  • Scrolls from Family XP Treasure Trunks (mostly from Traces)
  • Restricted Spell Books from quests during Brilliant events

Resources to Complete the First Profession Skill Tree

Professions Spell Books Scrolls Restricted Spell Books
Aurors 430 2,352 115
Magizoologists 465 2,495 115
Professors 320 2,325 223

Spell Books are the hardest to get because the Challenge rank’s level-up cost goes up by around 20-30 XP after every level-up, and each level-up gives only 2 Spell Books. At max rank 150, the Challenge XP to level up caps at 3,770 Challenge XP. After that, players have around 300 Spell Books (purely from Challenges) and need 20 (Professors), 130 (Aurors), or 165 (Magizoologists) more.

However, players can also get a few Spell Books from the Daily Login and Accomplishments. Tips on how to get the most Spell Books are mentioned below.

Scrolls are the easiest to get, but it does take a lot of Traces and prestiging to effectively get a lot of Family XP. Before Rank 8 (in a specific Family), Treasure Trunks give 2 Scrolls. After Rank 8, Treasure Trunks give 4 Scrolls. The XP needed to level up maxes out at 100 (Rank 11), which is much lower than the Challenge XP, which maxes out at 3,770 (Rank 150). There are also 10 categories to level up, making it easier to get Family XP from a variety of different Foundables.

Restricted Spell Books (RSBs) seemed to be the limiting factor at first. However, within the last two months, we’ve already had 3 Brilliant Events. This has given players the chance to earn 45 RSBs so far. After 8 events (5 more), Aurors and Magizoologists have enough RSBs to max out their first lesson book. After 15 events (12 more), Professors will also have enough RSBs to max out their first lesson book.

Maximizing Challenge XP and Spell Books

Spell Books are the hardest to obtain and mainly available by battling in Fortresses. To maximize getting Spell Books, it really depends on your (1) your supply of high-level Runestones (level 2-5, the higher the better) and (2) your current profession level (the highest Chamber you can battle).

Runestone level is one of the largest factors in Challenge XP. For maximum Challenge XP, use a level 5 Runestone, which is a rare drop from leveling up your Exploration ranks. The higher the rank, the better chance that a high-level Runestone will drop. THOUGH, you want to use those high-level Runestones on high-level Chambers to maximize the multiplier! Ruins I: 10×5 = 50, but Tower V: 52×5 = 260, more than triple!

Keys to Maximizing Challenge XP 

  1. Battle in a high-level Chamber and win!
  2. Use a high-level Runestone
  3. Battle with friends (up to 5 total players maximum) for 100% and 40% bonus base XP
  4. [Optional] Battle in a sponsored Fortress

Factors to Consider:

  • If you have a community, try to group with other players to get major reward bonuses. See the 2nd chart for more information.
  • Check to see if you have a sponsored Fortress (parts of the Fortress are white). It gives +25% bonus challenge XP, calculated from the base XP.
  • Do not pick the hardest Chamber, because (1) the higher level Runestone will make it tougher and (2) if you fail, you don’t get all of the Challenge XP rewards. So, if you get a bad dice roll of Foes like an unbeatable Elite Acromantula or Werewolf, then say goodbye to your precious Runestone.
  • Using a level 5 Runestone will NOT make the difficulty harder than the next Chamber’s difficulty with a level 1 Runestone
    • Example: Chamber 9, has a difficulty of 1504. Chamber 8, has a difficulty of 1174, goes up to 1293 with a level 5 Runestone.
  • Spell Energy costs: If a Fortress battle is using up more than 10 Spell Energy, then you might need to pick one with a lot of Inns nearby.
  • Check the charts below to see how Runestones affect Challenge XP rewards

Sustainable Battling

One sustainable way to complete Wizarding Challenges for the most Challenge XP is to use your precious high-level Runestone on high-level Chambers that you can clear without using Potions or wasting too much Spell Energy. Also, it helps if you can limit the times you faint, if you care about wasting time.

  • Use as few Potions possible, preferably none (Healing and Exstimulo Potions)
  • Be in range of Inns to replenish every 5 minutes
  • Group with a Magizoologist to save time fainting (if your group is facing a tough chamber)

Challenge XP Formula

Challenge XP = (Base XP * Runestone Level) + (Base XP x Friend Bonus) + (Base XP x Group Bonus) + Fragment XP + Max Fragment Bonus

To simplify it (but it might be off by a few XP, because of rounding): Base XP x (Runestone Level (%) + Friend Bonus + Group Bonus) + Fragment XP + Fragment Bonus

The formula is complicated, because it has 6 possible variables, and most are situational. However in order to maximize Challenge XP, focus on the Chamber level and how big of a group you can get.

If you play solo, then skip the friend and group bonus and add the Fragment and maybe Max Fragment values.

For the total Challenge XP, add the Runestone+Friend+Group part to the Fragment XP (below) and the Fragment Bonus (below). Fragment XP can vary in a single Chamber. For example, Ruins IV can give Books or Jokes, which is a difference of 10 Challenge XP. Max Fragment Bonus only applies if you have completed the sticker of the reward.

Base XP * Runestone Level

Base XP is my own term. It is the amount of XP that the specific Chamber gives and a few factors like Runestone level, friends, and groups (other players in the battle) base their bonuses off of.


Group Bonuses: Base XP x (Friend Bonus + Group Bonus)

If you group up with others, then you get even more Challenge XP (calculated from the base XP): 1 person (+25%), 2 people (+50%), 3 people (+75%), and 4 people (+100%). If those players are friends, you receive more bonus XP: 1 friend (+10%), 2 friends (+20%), 3 friends (+30%), and 4 friends (+40%). These bonuses are calculated separately, but I calculated them together for simplicity’s sake. 

Note: These bonuses are calculated from the Chamber’s base XP, so don’t be deceived by the XP (B*R) of the higher Runestone levels (the colorful columns). The base XP is the 2nd/3rd column. As you climb the Chambers, the base XP becomes more and more important.

Make your own copy of the chart below, as well as the same chart for sponsored Fortresses, from this Google spreadsheet.


How to Use the Chart:

  1. Pick your Chamber
  2. Look across the row to see what changes when you use different Runestones
  3. Look across the row to see how adding friends helps increase Challenge XP
  4. Pick a Chamber that your group can handle and compare the amount of Challenge XP you will earn when you use the different Runestones levels

Fragment XP

Fragment XP is the bonus Challenge XP received based on the type of Foundable fragment you receive. It once was based on the sets of Chambers like Ruins I-V, but now they often overlap. For example, Joke fragments have been seen in Ruins II and even in Tower III! A lower Foundable could mean getting 10 Challenge XP less than if you got the best Foundable.

Fragment Name (Foundable) Challenge XP
Books 5
Jokes 15
Symbols of the Wizarding World 25
Magical Devices 35
Wands 50


Max Fragment Bonus

If the fragment reward (Challenge Foundable) is maxed out (you have the completed sticker), then you ALSO get a max fragment bonus based on the Runestone level. In the example on the right, the player already has 4/4 fragments and completed the sticker in the Registry. Therefore, based on the Runestone level, they get a Max Fragment Bonus (challenge XP).

Bonus Challenge XP Runestone Level
1 2 3 4 5
Max Fragment Bonus 4 6 8 10 12


In summary, Wizarding Challenges are not just a fun feature in Wizards Unite. Fortresses are necessary to get Spell Books to learn more lessons for one’s profession. When doing Wizarding Challenges strategically, players can earn lots of Challenge XP by using high-level Runestones and grouping with friends to get the most amount of Scrolls and Spell Books.

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2 years ago

So considering the max fragment XP bonus, we shouldn’t prestige those pages of challenge fragments???

2 years ago

Well, yes, technically, 260 is indeed more than triple what 50 is. Checks out, I guess.

2 years ago

This was a fantastic article, thanks so much for putting it together. I found it super useful!

9 months ago

Hi! Wanted to check on the Non-sponsored Fortress Challenge XP Chart referenced above. The IMAGE on the spreadsheet indicates update on 2020-02-13, and the Google docs sheet has update of 2020-07-10.   The reason for checking on this is that the data in the Google doc is different, and from the information in it, it looks like there is no advantage to using Level 3 or Level 5 runestones as the XP levels are the same for (respectively) Level 2 and Level 4. This issue is not reflected in the image (where there ARE increases in XP for Levels 3… Read more »