Wizards Unite Friend Codes Megathread 🧙 🤝

Feel free to share your Wizards Unite Friend Codes in this thread. Please include a bit of information about your timezone etc.

How to find your Wizards Unite friend code

  1. Download Wizards Unite (either from Google Play or APK Mirror)
  2. Tap the icon above the Profile icon (features two wizards)
  3. Press Add Friend, a new screen will show up with your friend code
  4. Copy the code and you’re ready to post
  5. Paste the code, along with your country name and (optional) Ministry ID Name
  6. Optional: share this megathread on social media – the more the merrier!

P.S, The account you create on WU Hub is also used for comments and guide submission.

Answered question

7557 9314 9808
AstaBlack from the Netherlands.

9800 6475 6580
Southern California Area
Active Daily

6865 6752 2631


South Australia

5321 4257 8619


United Kingdom.

Game release expected 21st June but have apk to add friends. Thanks

3420 7976 5594