Banks in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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In press drop banks are important locations but not part on ingress portal submition criteria will that be changing?

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Are you asking if there will be portal submissions like on Ingress?

Not sure as well, what’s the question here?

Wu will be useing the same locations as pokemon go and ingress. Banks are not considered to be points of interest for submition niantic would have to change submission criteria to included banks but will they

Ah now I understand. Not, presumably not, I don’t remember them changing Submission Criteria recently. Do you remember where you saw banks mentioned specifically in the press releases / posts? It could be a mistake somewhere.


Will banks be special locations in Wizards Unite? Presumably yes, as the official First look post states that certain Foundables will appear more frequently near them. We’re not sure if you will be able to submit new banks via OPR or will Niantic reach out to bank conglomerates and preload a list of locations to the game. Traditionally, banks were not considered valid POI candidates, but given the Harry Potter lore (Gringots) it is possible that this will change.

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