If you are finding it difficult to recover the AOL password, there are certain important things you might be missing at. There are few ways out through which you can change AOL passwords and retrieve the usernames as well.

Here are a few instructions which can enable you to recover or change the AOL password:

  • Take help of your browser

Almost all latest internet browser mostly offers an auto-fill feature. This can be detected when you visit any password-protected site. You just have to enter your username and password. As soon as this is done, there would be a pop-up window presented by the internet browser which gives an option to secure login details.

Just remember whether you have recently visited any AOL mail site and you can find your username and password secured there. In this case, you will find that the browser fills up the password details automatically. Another option is to click at the password text box where all possible similar passwords must be displayed and you can pick the right one out.

  • Reset AOL password on your computer or smartphone

You can also request the browser to reset the forgotten AOL password on your system or smartphone. There are a few steps following which the password could be easily retrieved. You can also Google about the ways and means through which the AOL password can be changed or received.

Steps to display AOL password in Chrome

In case, the password is not saved with the browser you can opt for resetting it again. How to change the AOL password? In order to ensure the security of internet users, most of the websites opt to change AOL passwords instead of getting their recovery. This is considered to be a more safe and secure approach by maximum users. Easy and quick steps are developed by AOL for this purpose. They are as follows:

  • Visit AOL Mail sign up page
  • Enter your username correctly. Make sure all upper and lower cases are entered appropriately. If you have forgotten the username, just visit the main sign-in page. Here you have to enter the recovery email address and phone number. Follow the steps displayed on your screen to derive the username. Click at the ‘next’ button and then click at ‘forgot password’.
  • Now click at forgot my AOL password option.
  • Start with password resetting. You would now get an option to choose the correct phone number or the email address. If you also do not remember any of these details, go to ‘I need more options’.
  • A code would be sent either to your smartphone or the recovery mail details given by you.
  • Now you will get the option to create a new password or retrieve old AOL mail password. Lastly, enter the verification code sent to you and click at verifying.
  • Start logging in with your AOL Mail account with the help of a new password.

How to remember AOL passwords?

Forgetting passwords is a very common problem. There are so many sign-ups and login’s that people tend to forget their passwords usually. Many people prefer keeping an account of login passwords by jotting them down somewhere. While others just try to remember all which is a complicated task.

The best way out is to use a password manager for this purpose. Search for secure ways to store passwords like keeping them with a browser to downloading them to some paid programs. But just be aware that all your passwords should always have an encrypted format so that any hacking should not be given place.

Tips to create strong AOL password

  1. Try to use a longer password as it could be more secure.
  2. Any obvious patterns or alphabetical orders should never be used.
  3. Try using distinct passwords for all sites as this can make it easier for hackers to crack your information.
  4. Never use personal details like addresses and birthdays as your passwords.
  5. Keep changing passwords regularly.

How to change AOL email account password

If you are worried that you have forgotten the AOL Mail password and wish to retrieve it; here are a few simple steps to change the AOL password.

  • Go to the AOL website, sign-in to your account, and visit the account information section.
  • There will be certain account security-related questions that you need to answer and get verified as an AOL account owner.
  • Question would be put up in front of you as a security format and you need to give the right answer. In case you do not remember the answer, click at the ‘forgot’ option. Ask to change the security question and set as something which is easily remembered by you but difficult for others to guess.
  • It is important to add such an answer to security question which combines special keys, upper and lower case letters. This offers added security to the AOL Mail account.
  • You will now get the password changing option. You have to enter the old password and re-enter a new password which you now need to reset. Minimum 8 characters password is considered as a secure one.
  • Click on the ‘save’ option for the final step to change the AOL password.
  • Once all settings are made, just logout and then log in to ensure that the right settings are made by you.

Handling AOL Mail accounts carefully and understanding the procedures to change passwords is important. You should remain careful while operating the account and passwords should not be forgotten often. Do not even open your mail account on an unknown computer device as this might take you to security or hacking troubles.

Ensure that the changing of password for your account should be strictly done on your own desktop or laptop. Also, ensure that there are no unknown people around you while you are busy with this process.

Keeping a track of all your account details and suing them wisely would be very helpful to you in enjoying smooth AOL services. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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