I have attempted to complete Dark Chamber 2 (Chamber 13) on four separate occasions to no avail. On each attempt, I am having trouble loading the remaining 3 opponents with plenty of time to spare on the countdown (6-7 minutes). I get the loading screen for several minutes while my time is eaten away. Once it loads (up to 5 minutes later), I run out of time to defeat the remaining opponents. It is like the game is booting me out on purpose so that the clock can drain the time required for completion. I have not had this issue on any previous chamber levels. Is anyone else having this issue or know of a work around? I have been stuck here on this chamber level for over 2 months. I waste so many potions trying to complete the task, only to have my time whisked away through no fault of my own. It takes me at over a week, sometimes 2 to brew all of the potions needed to complete this level, but every time the same result. Wasted time, wasted potions, for zero chance at completing the challenge.

Brandy Buford Asked question February 3, 2020