Hello guys o/

I’m buying a new phone this week, before the first community day comes, just to play this game (even though my current phone – a Galaxy J8 – is brand new, but hasn’t gyroscope nor compass).

Searching for something affordable, I came across with this new Samsung device, apparently launched this month (July 2019). It’s cheapier than the average (including my current one) and has all system requirements for WU (memory, storage, sensors and camera).

But there’s no mention of it being compatible or not with the game anywhere in the internet.

There’s anyone who knows it? Or at least there’s anyone with access to one of those who can check it?


Answered question

Got the answer myself…
I went to every phone store I could until I found one with this device logged into a Google account and available for me to check its Play Store.
Yes, Galaxy A30 is fully compatible with this game 🙂