Two Creatures, Great and Small

You study the habits and environments of both Mokes and Occamys to try to discern if their shrinking abilities manifest in a similar fashion. The study increases your understanding of magical creatures, which raises the amount of damage you can inflict against Beasts in combat.

"Two Creatures, Great and Small" skill summary
Profession Magizoologist
Profession Rank Foundational Magizoology
Row 13
Column 4
"Two Creatures, Great and Small" Level Cost and Rewards
Level Effect Cost
Level 1 Proficiency Power
  • 32 Scrolls
Level 2 Proficiency Power
  • 32 Scrolls
Level 3 Proficiency Power
  • 32 Scrolls
  • 21 Spell Books
Level 4 Proficiency Power
  • 32 Scrolls
  • 21 Spell Books