Tonic for Trace Detection

Tonic for Trace Detection information

Usable in Traces, Overworld
Description Increases your perception of Trace magic, revealing more Traces as you explore.
Unlocks at 1
Brewing Time 7h
Brewing time reduction (via master note) 15%

Tonic for Trace Detection works similarly to Pokemon GO’s Incense. Upon activation, additional Traces will appear near your location on the overworld Map. Traces spawned from the Tonic will only be visible to you and have a special visual effect. Trace Detection spawns stack with Dark Detector and regular spawns. Foundables spawned from the Tonic are highlighted in pink, similar to a Dark Detector. Lasts 30 minutes.

Most players report 10 spawns per Potion (roughly 1 every 3 minutes).


The Tonic for Trace detection doesn’t guarantee rare Foundables, but it will spawn event Foundables.

Tonic for Trace Detection Ingredients

You need the following items to brew a Tonic for Trace Detection:

Tonic for Trace Detection Master Notes

The following Master Notes will reduce Tonic for Trace Detection brewing time by 15%: