Scintillation Potion

Scintillation Potion information

Usable in Unknown
Description [Deprecated] scintillation Potion desciption.
Unlocks at 1
Brewing Time 00:02:50
Brewing time reduction (via master note) 150

Scintillation Potion Ingredients

You need the following items to brew a Scintillation Potion:

Scintillation Potion Master Notes

The following Master Notes will reduce Scintillation Potion brewing time by 150:


    • You’re thinking of the master notes to the Wit Sharpening potion. This potion has the same bottle but a different name. In the description here it says “[deprecated]” and I’m assuming that means this is a potion that wasn’t released when they officially dropped the game and was perhaps replaced by the WS potion.