Draught of Perception

Draught of Perception information

Usable in Unknown
Description [Deprecated] draught of perception description.
Unlocks at 1
Brewing Time 00:00:50
Brewing time reduction (via master note) 150

Draught of Perception Ingredients

You need the following items to brew a Draught of Perception:

Draught of Perception Master Notes

The following Master Notes will reduce Draught of Perception brewing time by 150:


  1. I’m level 11, and I don’t have access to this potion in my recipes list yet…or several of the others that are listed as available at level 1. Is the info on this page filler info until these planned potions are actually released in game?

  2. Level 15 here, none available. I just sent this to the Hub email…
    Hi there.
    Love the Wizards Unite Hub, but something needs fixing.
    I’ve noticed, as have other people on the Hub that several advanced potions all day that they are ‘open’ at Level 1. That’s simply not true. The following potions are listed as open at L1 and should be corrected…

    Bountiful Brew
    Draught of Perception
    Felix Felicis Potion
    Memory Potion
    Scintillation Potion
    Wide-Eye Potion

    Please correct this information to show the right level they open at. I can tell other people are frustrated by this as well, if you read the comments.
    Thank you.