Wizards Unite Details Emerge, Pre-Registration Available

Wizards Unite Trailer
Wizards Unite Trailer

After months of anticipation, the first true details regarding Wizards Unite have emerged on Niantic’s website. A post on the Wizards Unite website this morning provides valuable insight into what this game will look like in the coming months. Pre-registration is now available on Google Play, so sign up today. If you’re an iPhone user, stay tuned for more updates.

Below the title of the article, the website states: “It’s up to you to ready your wand, prepare your potions, brush up your spells and help prevent The Calamity from exposing the secrets of the Wizarding World.” This is likely some form of a thesis or summary of what the game is about–and it brings us our first look into the various tasks players will need to accomplish on their magical journeys.

An example of what the map could look like in Wizards Unite.

This idea of the Calamity is woven throughout the post, which states that chaotic magic has caused various items from the Wizarding World to seep into the muggle world.  These items, called “Foundables”, must be taken back to their homes, and to do that players must also work together to keep the two universes apart.

Beside this paragraph about the Calamity lies a gif of a character that looks suspiciously like Ron Weasley trembling in fear at a spider that stands outside of a Boggart cabinet.  The player in the gif, holding a wand, uses the Ridikulus charm to put the spider on roller skates and force it back into the wardrobe.

In the next section of the post, the article states that traces of magic can be found everywhere on the Map, but Foundables will concentrate in areas such as parks and monuments. This mechanic draws parallels to Pokémon GO, where items and Pokémon are found more commonly in populated areas.

The website also says that as players cast spells to overcome the Confoundable and chaotic magic, they’ll use Spell Energy.  In order to replenish this Energy, they’ll need to visit Inns at Muggle locations around the world to collect food and drinks that’ll keep them at full capacity.  Potion ingredients and other items will also be sprinkled all over the magical Map.

Portmanteaus will also be introduced into the game, which reveal Portkeys that transport players into immersive AR locations.  An example gif next to the writing shows a player walking into a magical room via a boot Portkey placed on the real-world ground.

The final major paragraph of the article declares that players will be able to test their combat skills at Fortresses scattered across the map

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