Why NOT to Use Self-Correcting Quills: An Update on Cheating and Consequences

Wizards Unite
Wizards Unite

Niantic is here to let you know that using any spells or charms to make your in-game avatar Apparate half-way across the world is strictly forbidden. Released on Niantic’s main website less than a week ago, an update regarding cheating and keeping the games fair is an ardent reminder that they are continuing to prevent all manners of cheating in their games. Here are the bullet points from the update:

As a part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our games fun and promoting fair gameplay, we’d like to share an update on some of our recent efforts to stop and prevent cheating in our games:

  • We’ll be expanding the Three Strikes Discipline Policy from Pokémon GO to our other games to ensure a fun and fair gameplay experience. This includes the recently launched Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
  • We’ve improved detection of rooted and jailbroken devices to curb bad actors from sideloading cheating apps or modified versions of our apps. As a reminder, our games will fail to run on devices that have compromised root access.
  • We’ve identified and initiated action against more than 500K accounts who were found to be using cheating apps in Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
  • We banned 22K Ingress accounts that were found to be supporting and participating in the illicit trade of in-game items.

—The Niantic team

The «three strikes policy» is quite simple. Anyone caught in the act of breaking the Terms of Service will end up facing a temporary suspension [one week or one month] and may even face a permanent suspension. This policy is now being implemented in Wizards Unite and Ingress. It’s unsure of how many accounts in Pokémon GO and Wizards Unite were fully banned instead of just having action initiated against them, but Niantic seems satisfied with the released message, especially with the amount of people banned in Ingress. Anyone caught breaking the TOS will be facing Howlers suspension.

The most well known example of breaking the ToS would be the month long suspension of Brandon Tan, arguably the most hardcore Pokémon GO player to date, who was temporarily suspended for offering a Mewtwo farming service. While there has not been such a high profile case in Wizards Unite or Ingress, Niantic certainly made their point when they suspended the account of a widely known player. High popularity is not a safeguard against breaking the ToS.

Do not use any software, programs, or applications that you believe will allow you to get ahead in the game. This includes the use of multiple phones. Basically, the rule is one person, one phone. NOT one person, six phones, and a tablet case. Spoofing or playing with multiple accounts will only result in suspension of your account in any of the above games.

There are better ways to get ahead in Wizards Unite, like participating in Brilliant Events or attending the Wizards Unite Fan Festival! You can also join our Discord to discuss advanced tips with other witches and wizards from around the world.

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J. Buck Caldwell
J. Buck Caldwell(@j-buckcaldwell)
2 years ago

I’m curious, did they ban that old Japanese guy who drove around on a bike with 19 or so phones set up? How about 3d-printed spell templates, I’ve seen those but haven’t gotten a set printed yet.

Jaime Rowland
Jaime Rowland(@jaimerowland)
2 years ago

Why would they ban the Japanese guy? He was playing legit.

Laurie Hill
Laurie Hill(@lauriehill)
2 years ago

To the best of my knowledge the ToS only allow for one account per person.

2 years ago

BULLSHIT!!!! Calling Bullshit on this! literally everyone I know is Spoofing across the globe in Pokemon go! This is why I think making stuff Regional in WU is just going to promote Cheating just like it did in POGO!