Prioritizing Precious Portkeys: Wizards Unite Update 2.12.0

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team is releasing a new game update, Version 2.12.0! Keep in mind that there are usually bugs that can impact the game’s performance. As those bugs are reported, discovered, or fixed, we will continue to update this article. Make sure to follow us on social media (links at the bottom) for updates!

I am personally pretty excited about how the changes to Portkeys will cater to players unable to go out frequently due to world health concerns. While it may not be the feature you are looking for, *cough coughFortress from home *cough cough* I am hopeful smaller features like Portkey changes and the boosts from Tonic for Trace Detection are all laying a foundation that will pave the way for more desirable features in the future!


Wizards Unite Updates


Increased Spell Energy and Wizarding XP in 5km and 10km Portkey rewards.

Portkeys acquired after the update will have their distance requirement decreased by half until further notice.


Players with iOS devices will now be able to sign into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with their Apple ID. Visit Settings to link your Apple ID to an existing account.

Improved the layout of the Settings menu to better display the email addresses that are linked to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Improved the initial startup screen design: Players will now see a clock at the bottom left corner of their screen that indicates loading progress.

Players can now disable push notifications for Portkeys and Gifts received in the Settings menu.

Until further notice, Landmarks will be turned off on the Map. I know this is a welcome change to players living near Landmarks!

Wizards Unite Bug Fixes

As always, the HPWU developers continue to work hard at eliminating bugs in the game! If you are experiencing bugs, please report them by following these steps: go to Settings > Help/Legal (at the bottom) > Support > Report A Bug.


Fixed an issue with players unable to collect a Potion from Potion Brewing when their device transitioned to mobile data from WiFi.

Wizarding Challenges

Fixed an issue with the text in the Chambers reward popup: “Earn one-time rewards for your first victory in each chamber.” Players get one-time rewards when they unlock the next highest Chamber.


Samsung Devices Only: Fixed an issue causing an “Unable to Load Link” pop up to appear after launching the game.

Known Issues in Wizards Unite

The HPWU developers know about the following issues. They are currently working to fix them.


The “Friends Listed I: Have 1 Friend in your Friends List” Achievement only updates when both players restart the app.

Adventure Sync

iPads will experience an infinite load when attempting to turn Adventure Sync on.

Android 10 Only: App will restart when attempting to enable Adventure Sync when GPS is turned off.

Ministry ID

Android 10 Only: Player may only see an black screen in the their Portrait when they attempt to use an Animated Sticker or Frame.

iOS Only: Players may get an error message when pulling the control panel while taking a picture for their Portrait.


New Potion recipes may not be badged (red dot) when players unlock these as they level up.


The number of recently acquired Portmanteaus may differ from the badged amount shown with the Portkey button.


The “Seen” count of a Foundable maybe not be updated if the Foundable flees.

Wizarding Challenges

Some players may experience a delay when tapping into a Chamber.


Android Only: AR+ mode may not be available on certain Android devices.

iOS Only: Kids on Niantic Kids accounts may be unable to make in-app purchases.

AR+ Only: Players may have to search their surrounding area when trying to find an Encounter.

I know it’s a short (but sweet) update, but what are your thoughts? The more updates geared toward playing from home or quarantine, the better! Hopefully this can pave the way for more “play from home” features.

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