New Wizards Unite Teaser Trailer Released Exclusively by Content Partners


We recently discovered that Warner Bros. is working with an unknown number of content creators to promote Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Today was the first real example of that collaboration.

Throughout the day, multiple YouTubers have posted videos with a new Wizards Unite teaser trailer. As hinted at yesterday on Twitter, this teaser trailer features a discombobulated niffler on the loose somewhere in Great Britain.


At publication time, none of the official Wizards Unite channels have shared the latest teaser trailer. However, both Warner Bros. partners and other Harry Potter YouTubers have shared their reactions to this new teaser trailer.

Discombobulated Niffler Teaser Trailer Observations:

  • The niffler appears inside an arcade game. Muggle children see the niffler, but they assume he’s a realistic toy.
  • Trace 102. The previous trace was 74. The first teaser trailer didn’t indicate a trace.
  • The niffler appears to have the hiccups. Is this a reaction to the Calamity?
  • Signatures of Mathilda and Constance appear again.
  • There’s a new wand movement given, but so far, we don’t know what spell it casts.
  • There are 10 symbols under a Registry. What do they mean?

Finally, some Harry Potter fans have also received a new email about Wizards Unite.

What does it all mean?!?!

We hope to find out soon!

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