Wizards Unite will be released worldwide this Friday, June 21, said Niantic at a press event held in Universal Studios Wizarding World amusement park in Hollywood.

After months of beta testing in Australia and New Zealand, the game is ready for the official release. Niantic also shared that a large scale Wizards Unite event will take place later this year – comparable to GO Fest. Additional events similar to Pokémon GO’s events might be a thing in Wizards Unite.


The press was shown a new storyline trailer and were given access to hands on demos, as well as an opportunity to interview Niantic about their plans for the game. Gameplay videos and screenshots are under strict embargo until tomorrow.

For more details and event pictures check out our event live blog.

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Eddy Rodhe
Eddy Rodhe(@eddyrodhe)
2 years ago

Sigh. It’s 7 pm, 21 June 2019 here. And the game is not yet released. It’s disappointing and sad at the same time.