Wizards, Pottermore, the official J.K. Rowling all-things-Harry-Potter website has confirmed that Wizards Unite will be released in 2019. Niantic has often shared that a 2018 release date is likely, reaffirming they are doing everything they can to get the game out in the current year, but alas, the release date has been postponed.

Pottermore has also confirmed that Wizards Unite will be combining elements from Harry Potter and from the Fantastic Beast franchises, but shared no new information on the game’s timeline. The official logo, as of now, is the following:

Wizards Unite logo
Wizards Unite logo

As we already know, Wizards Unite is based on Niantic’s Real World Platform, a shared code base which is now powering Pokemon GO and Ingress Prime, with WU being the latest game built on top of it.

We’ve already written about the technical capabilities of Niantic’s RWP platform (Niantic’s platform overview: what technology to expect in Wizards United?), and our recent Ingress Prime data mine revealed that the company has introduced additional security measures to keep hackers and malicious users out of the game.

Our opinion on the new release date

We have taken an oath not to lie to our readers, so here’s our honest opinion about this delay: it sucks, but we’ll rather wait than get a buggy experience. Pokemon GO’s release was one of the buggiest and most unstable game releases in modern history, akin to World of Warcraft crash-ridden release back in 2004. We hope that the additional time will allow Niantic to polish and test out Wizards Unite before releasing it to the general public.

As far as when in 2019 we’re expecting it, we are quite certain it will launch in the first half of 2019. Pottermore has shared that «a new mobile game is on the horizon», which leads us to believe that the game is in good shape, just not ready for release yet.

If you want to read more about the new technologies, mechanics and game play ideas that Niantic was working on for Wizards Unite, make sure to check out these incredible tech demos, especially project Codename Neon:

Spread the news!

You want to share the latest release date information with your local community? Fear not – we’ve prepared a beautiful poster you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever!

Wizards Unite release date promo poster
Wizards Unite release date promo poster
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Margo Timin
Margo Timin(@margotimin)
2 years ago

My phone is the Samsung Galaxy j7 and it isn’t compatible so what should I do.how do I download it 😞

Ella Gardner
Ella Gardner(@ellagardner)
1 year ago
Reply to  Margo Timin

It can download it

Jennifer Ann Blanchard
Jennifer Ann Blanchard(@jenniferblanchard)
2 years ago

When will it be compatible for the lg stylo 3

Ella Gardner
Ella Gardner(@ellagardner)
1 year ago