Wizards Unite Beta Testers Receive A Secret Email Survey About The Beta


Wizards, attention! Australian Beta testers have received a special email from Niantic with an online survey about the beta. The email urges testers to complete the survey before the official deadline on June 2nd. The survey can be completed once and “there are no right or wrong answers” according to the introductory text.


Credits for tipping us goes to TheInfamousJJ from our Discord server’s research channel. If you want to join our community, hop on over!

Beta Survey questions

Malcomjudd aka The Sylph is a fellow WU Tuber that managed to write down all the questions from the survey. There’s a ton of interesting questions, especially in the Friends department:

  1. How many calendar day did you play this game?
  2. What level have you reached?
  3. How would you rate this game?
  4. Did the game meet your expectations?
  5. How would you describe the tutorial in this game?
  6. Was there anything confusing about the tutorial while playing the game?
  7. How did the tutorial help you to understand the following?
    – basic of gameplay
    – story
  8. What was missing from the tutorial, if anything?
  9. How would you describe using the map to find things to engage with in this game?
  10. What item/buildings did you find on the map?
  11. Did you go to any of the fortresses you found on the map?
  12. Did you do a wizarding challenge in any of the fortresses?
  13. How many wizarding challenges have you done?
  14. How often do you do wizarding challenges?
  15. When do you do wizarding challenges?
  16. How likely are you to play the wizarding challenges again?
  17. How often did traces appear?
  18. How often did you see a trace but didn’t tap it?
  19. Which technical problems did you encounter, if any?
  20. Would you be interested in importing your friends into the game?
  21. What platforms would you be interested in importing your friends from?
  22. Did you ever play with sound on?
  23. How did playing with the sound on affect your experience with the game?
  24. Do you continue to play with the sound on?
  25. Would you recommend this game to your friends?
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