iOS 14 Users Rejoice! Wizards Unite 2.15.0 Release Notes

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will soon release a new update, Version 2.15.0. The most exciting feature is iOS 14 support. If you’ve been missing out on Wizards Unite for this reason, you can soon play again! And a lot has happened recently, so you have plenty of reasons to start playing again.

This update is NOT out yet, so if you’re an iOS user, proceed with caution. You might want to delay updating to iOS 14 until Wizards Unite updates.


Wizards Unite Updates

Some of these Wizards Unite updates came in releases between 2.14 and 2.15, so they’ve been live in the game for awhile.


Players now have the ability to purchase Potions directly from the Potion selection menu during Encounters and Wizarding Challenges.


Bug fixes for general app stability and visual issues.

iOS 14 Support! If you’re an Apple user who has been unable to play Wizards Unite recently, you’re in luck. You can now play Wizards Unite while running iOS 14.

Wizards Unite Bug Fixes

As always, the HPWU developers continue to work hard at eliminating bugs in the game. These are the latest Wizards Unite bug fixes. If you still experience these bugs, please submit an in-app bug report.

  • Fixed an issue affecting the SOS Training Node: Knowledge Transfer. Players who completed Knowledge Transfer were not receiving Inn Charm charges from Treasure Trunks.
  • Fixed an issue with threat level visual effects on Traces that appear on the Map.
  • Made text revisions to the Trace Charm Expertise page.
  • Fixed a visual issue affecting the Magicum Vitae that cuts off the text for the Tonic for Trace Detection Potion bonus.

Known Issues in Wizards Unite

The HPWU developers know about the following issues. They’re working to fix them.

  • The Threat meter sound effects and visual effects may continue to loop when selecting a Potion to use following the purchase of a Dawdle Draught
  • Android only: Opening the Android back button tray will force the player to exit from the Potion selection menu.
  • Sound effects may persist throughout gameplay when the player skips the ‘Walk 0.25 Kilometres’ bonus rewards animation. Restarting the app will resolve this issue.
  • The Ministry ID may display a Profession Appraisal rating even if the player has yet to access the Training menu.
  • Wizarding level 61 can display in the rewards flow when a player successfully completes an Encounter or Wizarding Challenge after reaching level 60. Wizarding level 60 is the highest achievable level.
  • Inconsistent SOS Training badge notifications.
  • Traces revealed through Trace Charm can disappear from the Map. Restarting the app may help those Traces reappear on the Map.
  • The player may be taken to the Map and receive an error after launching the game via push notification after a Potion has finished brewing.
  • Text errors displayed on Greenhouse Charm Expertise page:
    • “Bonus Fragments” instead of “Bonus ingredients”
    • “Bonus Wizarding and Family XP Provided” instead of “Spellcast Duration”

Have you experienced any Wizards Unite bugs not listed above? What do you think of this update? It’s pretty basic, but small updates add up over time.

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Phil Newmark
Phil Newmark(@philnewmark)
1 year ago

Is it me or did they nerf the hell out of books, Red Light Encounters now only give 8 books except for oddity traces which still seem to be 20 books. I can understand nerfing the trace charm because it was over powered but this book nerf seems more like they are trying to drag out completion of the new skill trees as long as possible but DADA books force that already with the low numbers you get from brilliant events.