Wizards Unite 2.0.2 Release Notes are live!

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Wizards, WB Games and Niantic are continuing to update the game and address many of the recently reported bugs. In a post shared by hpwu_fazes, the 2.0.2 update brings a plethora of bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

Starting with 2.0.2, Daily Assignments should count progress even if you did not click the Daily Assignments button before. Previously, your progress was lost if you forgot to open the Daily panel which was quite infuriating at times. Speaking of daily things, a small issue with Daily Treasures was fixed and they shouldn’t appear blank when a player first enters the page. Other fixes include various problems that were spotted since release:

  • Fixed an issue where if you unlock Professions at level 6, then backed out of the tutorial, you would receive an error
  • Fixed an issue where using Moving Sticker on your Portrait could give you the message, “Unable to save your Ministry ID.”
  • Fixed an issue where for some players, opening the Portrait camera could cause an error (Ministry ID Portrait)
  • Fixed an issue where if you entered a Greenhouse for the first time, then backed out of the tutorial for Growing, you would receive an error
  • Various text fixes

Known issues include the following (see Wizards Unite Devs Share a List of Known Issues (June 26, 2019) for older list):

  • Taking a photo with the Death Eater lens may not be reflected on Ministry ID Portrait immediately. If you save the Portrait, the Death Eater lens will be in the picture.

Additionally, the Brilliant Event Returns to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on July 3, which is pretty important for everyone in need of Restricted Section Books:

Fantastic Flora and Fauna is starting soon! The Forbidden Forest has been thrown out of sorts by the Calamity. Lend Hagrid a helping hand by returning the forest’s missing flora and fauna to its proper place.

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Debbie King
Debbie King(@debbieking)
2 years ago

I still can’t play on my Samsung. Fix that why don’t ya!

Charlene Vanness
Charlene Vanness(@charlenevanness)
2 years ago
Reply to  Debbie King

Do you have a Galaxy Store on your Samsung? If you do, try downloading the game from there. I tried to download it multiple times from Google Play with 0 luck i& then I went to Samsung Galaxy Store & it worked.

Niko Hughes
Niko Hughes(@nikohughes)
2 years ago

Well i have a j6 2018 and its.not copatibke.butnthe s5 s6 which are older fones are sort it out