What’s new in Harry Potter Wizards Unite v1331.0.0 update

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

A new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite update has started rolling out for Wizards in New Zealand area, version number v1331.0.0. The new update fixes a number of bugs and introduces a few new strings to the game. The official change log highlights the really important changes:

New Additions:

  • A new environment has been added to Portkeys for you to explore
  • Added Niantic Kids login method support

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various text and display issues
  • Fixed an issue with players receiving an error when collecting from an Inn, then re-entering while the Inn before the 5-minute timer is up
  • For Pixel XL phones, fixed an issue where a player may get stuck on the loading screen when you tap the exit X button after completing a Portkey

As per tradition, the Hub team decided to take a deeper look into the new APK, hoping to see which bugs were actually fixed. Well, without further ado, let’s do our first (but still traditional) APK mine 🕵️!

The real 1331.0.0 change log

Game play changes

  • Various new encounter additions, win rate tweaks and spell changes. There are too many to list here, but the majority of encounters was touched in some way.
  • Vampire and Werewolf encounter stat changes include stamina, resistance, combat power and mitigation buffs and nerfs
  • Invigoration Draught time to craft increased from 600s to 3600s
  • Strong Invigoration Draught time to brew increased from 1800s to 7200s
  • Various storyboard and string changes

Better security through client side certificates

1331 brings updated SSL security measures through Mono.Security module. The app now supports client side certificates for fetching data from remote servers. The certificate can be used to stream download data and on singular requests.

New marketing / notification platform

Wizards Unite now uses Braze platform for push messaging and marketing channel segregation. Braze used to be named Appboy back in 2017, which is exactly what we found among the newly included packages and code snippets: .AppboyNotificationSubscriptionType and .BrazeEnv. Braze seems like a “fair” marketing platform, recording only necessary data in order to identify and segment users.

Better support for low connectivity networks

The process of downloading visual and audio assets has been significantly improved. The game can now detect high and low connectivity networks, increase download speed and seemingly continue on error. A new DownloadingSpeedTracker has been spotted in the wild, with support for queued and parallel downloads!

New strings for landmark titles

  • Mysterious Artefacts landmark title
  • Ministry landmark title
  • Magizoology landmark title
  • Magical games and sports landmark title
  • Legends of Hogwarts landmark title
  • Care of magical creatures landmark title
  • Ministry of Magic landmark title
  • Dark Arts landmark title
  • Hogwarts School landmark title

We’re not yet sure what these are used for.

New encounter type and flags

  • Portkey Spawn
  • Encounter has already apparated away flag

We’re not yet sure what these are used for, but look selfexplanatory.

Lifetime metrics

Medal farmers and stat lovers, rejoice! Four new lifetime metrics have been added, allowing the game to track your progress in the following actions:

  • Number of Inns looted
  • Number of Greenhouses looted
  • Number of Map Encounters won
  • Number of Wizarding Challenges won


1331 is the first major update since the initial beta has launched and it mostly addresses existing production issues and problems with the game’s infrastructure. We’re happy to see Niantic advance their security and asset loading method, as those will stick with us in the months to come.

As far as game play additions go, we’re not holding our breath for any additional features before the worldwide launch – it’s not common for games to add big features during beta periods.

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2 years ago

that’s odd…shouldn’t the version number be something like 0.1331.0.0 ?

Antonio (Hub admin)
2 years ago
Reply to  Barmonster

Yeah it’s weird, but it’s what it says in the game 🙂