We are recruiting! Join our team and help us cover Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite News
Wizards Unite News

Hey everyone! The Wizards Unite Hub is recruiting writers and editors to join our team and help us cover the upcoming Harry Potter games, including Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite. We are a young website created under the Hub networks umbrella, and we’re very excited to reach out here. We’ve included our story below the signup form link and we hope that you will find this post enjoyable!

You can find the signup form here: https://goo.gl/forms/446VFTZYQ6XPCHsy1


Who are we?

We are an official website of the Hub network. Our other sites include Pokémon GO Hub and Critical.gg. Wizards Unite Hub was created in order to be a one stop shop for all future games that take place in JK Rowling’s Wizarding World, and / or are published by Portkey Games.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide the general audience with accurate news, up to date information and guides about Harry Potter mobile games.

What is our history?

We’ve started the Pokémon GO Hub two years ago, went through a wild rollercoaster of emotions and staff members, only to end up with 17 writers, 15 moderators, more than 150 000 unique daily readers and with Alexa ranking us among the 13000 most popular websites in the world. The Hub networks is a fan based project that only covers interesting and influential mobile games, the ones which are either social phenomena or are simply so good, that they deserve attention.

Is there any monetary compensation involved?

At the moment no, but as soon as we get the website to a place where it is making money rather than losing money, yes. On our other website, the Pokémon GO Hub, all of the writers and designers are paid per articles on a regular monthly basis, however, our payments are humble and are intended to cover your in-game purchases and gameplay costs.

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3 years ago

hello guys