Update 2.9.0: Adventure Sync and More!

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has just released a new update, Version 2.9.0. As with any new update, it should be noted that there are usually bugs that can impact the game’s performance. Be aware before you update your game (and follow us on Twitter) so you don’t experience any downtime in the event of a crippling bug!

Prefer to watch a video? I’ve got you covered!


Wizards Unite Updates

Keep in mind that some of these updates are coming soon and are not yet live in the game.

Adventure Sync

Coming soon: Adventure Sync in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! When you choose to enable this feature, your distance walked will now be recorded for Portkey Portmanteaus, even if the app is not open.

Players have been requesting this for months, and it’s finally right around the corner! I know the frustration of waiting, but props to the HPWU developers for waiting until they felt confident Adventure Sync would work properly before releasing it.

Friends & Gifting

You can now sort your friends alphabetically in ascending/descending order. You can also choose to sort by friends that have sent you an unopened Gift.


Portkey rewards have been updated to include possible Spell Energy rewards when tapping Wrackspurts. Emphasis on possible, not guaranteed.

Foundable Fragments have been changed inside Portkey Portmanteaus, meaning the old rewards have been rotated out in lieu of new ones. Once we have an updated graphic, we’ll be sure to post it below!

New Portkey icons will help you sort through your unlocked Portkeys! 2km Portkeys are displayed as a Boot, 5km Portkeys are displayed as a Tea Kettle, and 10km Portkeys are displayed as a Deflated Ball. 


Two additional Portmanteau slots have been opened, bringing the total amount of Portmanteaus you can pick up to 10(!!!). 

Wizards Unite Bug Fixes

As always, the HPWU developers continue to work hard at eliminating bugs in the game! If you are experiencing bugs, please report them by following these steps: go to Settings > Help/Legal (at the bottom) > Support > Report A Bug.


Fixed an issue with some players receiving an error when they attempted to collect a brewed Potion.

Wizarding Challenges

Some players have reported receiving an error message when attempting to enter a Wizarding Challenge. This has been fixed.

The number of players at a Chamber were not updating immediately when other players join the same Chamber. This has been fixed.

Known Issues in Wizards Unite

The HPWU developers know about the following issues. They’re working to fix them.


The “Friends Listed I: Have 1 Friend in your Friends List” Achievement only updates when both players restart the app after having accepted friend requests.


Players who have been recently active may appear as not having played for 2+ days.


Completing a Potion with Gold then tapping the Ladle will still send you to Master Notes, even though the Potion is complete.

Players may be unable to collect a Potion from Potion Brewing if they move from WiFi to mobile data.


When collecting new Portmanteaus, the amount on the badge from a player’s suitcase is incorrect when compared to the actual amount of new Portmanteaus.


When in the “Gifts to Send” tab, players may notice that their Friend’s Wizarding Level is missing. 

Tapping on “Sorting” and “Gifts to Send” at the same time will give players an error. 

Badging (a.k.a. the infamous red dot) may not pop up on Gifting when a Friend has sent you a Gift.


Foundables in Photo Mode may flip around when a player taps on the Foundable to reposition it.

Wizarding Challenges

Aurors Only: Defeating a Foe in a Wizarding Challenge with Bat-Bogey Hex does not count towards Wizarding Challenge Achievements.

Players may notice that the number of players at a Chamber may not update immediately when other players join the same Chamber.

Players may not receive the Level Up rewards screen if they Level Up after a Wizarding Challenge. Players will still Level Up and rewards will still be granted.  

Players can consume Health Potions and Invigoration Draughts even though Health and Focus are full. 

Players experience a delay when tapping into a Chamber.

What do you think of this update? I, for one, am SUPER excited about the updates to the way we interact with Portkeys, distance, and Portmanteaus in general! What other game changes would you like to see? Leave a comment!

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Todd Allis
Todd Allis
1 year ago

Adventure sync! Good to know. 🙂

1 year ago

Great, AS is in, good but foundable parts in Portkeys are OUT. So far so BAD… another shitty update.

Courtney Hull
Courtney Hull
1 year ago

Adventure Sync is giving me about 1/3 of the distance I am logging on my Fitbit – if I am lucky. I have shut down my phone, restarted my App to no avail. Today, I have over 5,500 steps already and yet I do not meet the 0.25KM for the daily task!

Caitlin Mains
Caitlin Mains
1 year ago
Reply to  Courtney Hull

Fitbit doesn’t work with adventure sync not even with fit to fit.