Registry Overhaul: Making Gold Frames More Obtainable

New Fragment Counts for Foundables

The latest update to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has vastly changed the Registry. For more information on all the changes, see our Update Breakdown.

First of all, the basic mechanics of the Registry are still the same – collect Fragments, place them in Frames, and eventually Prestige. The main problem and complaint with that process has been the balance of placing all the Foundables on a page. I am sure a lot of people are thinking of the Centaur Bow and Horned Serpent Egg. Let’s dive in to the changes.


The biggest change has been to the number of Fragments needed to place an image. The required amount for Traces is now going to follow a pretty straightforward formula. This value will only depend on frame color and Trace threat. It will no longer vary arbitrarily. Event Fragment Value seem to be staying the same as in the past, for now at least. The biggest difference being for Fortress Foundables.

In the past some of these frames required crazy high amounts of Fragments to complete. The wands, for example needed, 150 per wand to complete the Basic Level, and 1500 to complete Gold. In the end that works out to 1800 total, of each wand, to fully complete a frame. Now you only need 7 to complete the Base Level and 25 to complete Gold. That works out to 61 total. A HUGE reduction to say the least.

Yes this is the most dramatic reduction, but all frames should be a little easier to Prestige now. Oh, and now the count spills over to the next frame, it doesn’t just overflow. Here is a breakdown of the new values needed to complete and Prestige a frame.

New Fragment Counts for Foundables

A lot of the requirements will go down, but some are naturally going up. Don’t worry if the requirement has gone up, but you already placed the Foundable – it won’t get unplaced. The good news is these are some of the most common Traces, and now you can get even more XP from collecting just a few more. In that same vein you can now get even more XP, and Scrolls, because there is an option to Prestige each Foundable. This is great for some of the more common Traces as well as giving the Foundables on completed Gold Frames a better reason to not be ignored.

New Foundable DataSome minor changes, that definitely spice up the experience are to the Foundable information page. If you click on a Foundable, you can now see if that image has been placed, its Threat Level, a progress bar of how many Fragments you need (from the image you can see the image was placed prior to the update, but the 55 required has still not been met), when and where you found your first Fragment, and a total seen number. A few of these items are new, while the rest are just vastly more apparent.

As mentioned earlier, another new feature is the spill over. This means if you complete a Foundable, any additional Fragments will count on the next frame. Therefore, just because you have successfully placed a Foundable, doesn’t mean you should outright ignore it. It won’t get you as much XP but it will count towards the Gold Frame. The best thing is if a requirement is lowered and you now exceed it, the remainder will spill over. However, right now it doesn’t appear that this will apply retroactively. Most likely the code wasn’t keeping track, but this could change. For example if you had previously placed the Hag Foundable, and kept getting more, you will only have the previous maximum, not the new maximum plus spill over. With the also previously mentioned individual Foundable Prestige, it seems ignoring any Founable has become less advantageous. As far as I am aware as long as an Foundable is placed in a Frame, the Frame can be Prestiged even if the Foundable was Prestiged and not completed a fully after the initial placement.

Events Foundables look as they can now be individually Prestiged as well. The Frames on the other hand don’t seem to be able to be Prestiged. One odd thing that was noticed is the Event Foundables from Fortresses don’t have a “SEEN” Counter or a Threat Level, while Portkey and Task Reward Foundables have both, being Emergency Threat Level. This might mean in the future these could be found in an annual recap event or found very very rarely after an event ends.

This is definitely a big change to the game. Hopefully it is an improvement and helps everyone on their journeys. I know not everyone agrees with the update, but hopefully all players will eventually consider this change a positive to the game.

The biggest to look forward to post update, is the ability to Prestige many frames and Foundables. It will take quite some time, but you will want to go through every Frame and Prestige it as a whole, then if you can Prestige the Foundables within it. This includes every Event Frame. You can get quite a lot of XP and Scrolls from doing this.

These changes definitely indicate that Niantic and Portkey Games are listening to us and working to make the game more fun, exciting, and engaging. Follow us for more details and updates, and fell free to share anything else you find on your journeys.

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Del Agerpa
Del Agerpa(@delagerpa)
1 year ago

The purpose/goal of this update is completely overshadowed by the failures in communication, design and implementation.

Gernot Bahle
Gernot Bahle(@gernotbahle)
1 year ago

Considering individual foundables, that’s actually not how it works. You do not prestige them but rather, if your frame is bronze e.g. you always get the bronze reward whenever you got enough fragments to place the foundable again. The same seems to apply to event foundables, meaning they always give the same reward whenever you got e.g. 15 nimbus2000. Also, I can confirm that you can prestige a frame once every foundable has the „placed“ tag regardless of fragment count. Also, for golden challenge frames, the repeat reward gets quite substantial. It‘s a whopping 1200 challenge xp. This translates to… Read more »

Gernot Bahle
Gernot Bahle(@gernotbahle)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gernot Bahle

Actually, it‘s a lot more bonus challenge xp. I forgot you get more than one fragment. With four fragments, that’s 192 challenge xp even for a level 1 runestone at ruins 1.

1 year ago

The new easy way to see if an item has been placed on a page is to look for the green star circle. Once everything on a page has that circle, you can prestige that page.