Puzzles & Spells Now Available for Download!

Game art for Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells featuring Hagrid, Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Hedwig

Attention all witches and wizards!

There’s a new magical experience waiting for you on your mobile device. Players worldwide can now download Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, the latest Harry Potter mobile game under the Portkey Games label.


Developed by Zynga, this Match-3 game will delight Harry Potter fans of all ages. Check out the new Puzzles & Spells trailer!

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

Wizards Unite Hub has previously reported on Puzzles & Spells, so this game overview will be brief.

In Puzzles & Spells, players begin a Match-3 adventure filled with the spells, humor, color, and characters of the Harry Potter series. Featuring the soundtrack and voiceover recordings from the original Harry Potter films, this new Harry Potter mobile game will give fans the opportunity to follow an authentic retelling of Harry’s journey through the Wizarding World.

A new Match-3 mobile game

If you’re not familiar with the Match-3 genre, the overall game style is simple. It’s a specific type of tile-matching video game in which players must manipulate tiles so that 3 or more identical ones end up connected in a row. Popular Match-3 games include Bejeweled and Candy Crush.

Earning spells and special boosts as they advance, players solve Match-3 puzzles populated with the following fun details:

  • hopping Chocolate Frogs
  • fluttering Winged Keys
  • battling wizard chess pieces
  • other unexpected obstacles and objects!

Between colorful puzzles, players will enjoy iconic moments from the Harry Potter stories. These include:

  • Harry’s journey on the Hogwarts Express
  • Hagrid’s magical creatures
  • Hermione casting the Wingardium Leviosa spell

These Harry Potter details will help Puzzles & Spells distinguish itself from other Match-3 mobile games on the market.

“When the Harry Potter series first came to theatres, it was one of those rare moments when everyone was reading the same book, talking about the same film and coming together around a shared experience,” said Yaron Leyvand, Senior Vice President of Games at Zynga.

“Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells honours fans’ connection to the series with a mobile game infused with the standout moments and delightful Wizarding World flourishes that have captivated a global following. The feedback from soft-launch has been outstanding, and we can’t wait for fans around the world to play.”

Puzzles & Spells details

Earn spells, powerups, and XP as you progress through Puzzles & Spells and build your magical aptitude! Players can even earn powerful rewards by completing Daily Events that reference magical Harry Potter moments.

Players can also join or form clubs with other players for collaborative opportunities.

Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga, explains why now is the perfect time for Harry Potter fans to start playing Puzzles & Spells.

“Mobile games have never been more popular or more important to people than they are right now. People are playing games for entertainment, relaxation and as an accessible source of comfort and connection,” said Kim.

“With Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells fans will immerse themselves in the magic, puzzles and wonder of the series and create Clubs to collaborate and connect with others fans of the Wizarding World.”

For the next seven days, players who download the game will instantly receive the Welcome Bundle, containing in-game gold, extra lives, and special Quidditch Goggles to customize their avatars.

Puzzles & Spells is now playable for iOS and Android devices worldwide, as well as on Amazon Kindle and Facebook.

Final thoughts on Puzzles & Spells

As mentioned in yesterday’s post on Hogwarts Legacy, Wizards Unite Hub does occasionally cover other Harry Potter topics, particularly Harry Potter mobile games. While I don’t anticipate writing any extensive game guides, you can expect the occasional news update.

If you want to see me play Puzzles & Spells for the first time, I have a YouTube video!

Do you plan on playing Puzzles & Spells?

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